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The Situation Gets Booted From Dancing With the Stars

In a move that shocked all of America last night (OK, well not all of America, being that they’re the ones who vote for this shit), Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was voted off of Dancing With the Stars.

While I’ve never been a huge Sitch fan, I have to commend him for acting like a normal human being whilst on the show, and not letting his real (fake?) self show through. Though I thought he was going to be kept on a bit longer than he was, sheerly out of the public’s curiosity to see how long he could act like a man and not a sex ape, I have to say that I’m glad that he’s gone now. Why? Because now he can officially — and on the record — start boning Karina Smirnoff, ’cause we all know that that’s what this has all been about the entire time anyway.

Let the fuckery begin!

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  • I find it funny, even HILARIOUS that you use a term coined BY a write that used to write for this blog…and claim it as your own.

    FUCKERY was coined by WENDIE a LONG time ago. NIce to see you found a good use for it, although not that great.

  • LOL Nice one, girl, but the word ‘fuckery’ has been around a lot longer than just a mere few years. I prefer Amy Winehouse’s use of the word, but I’ll take it from practically any British comedy that’s ever used it in the history of film, too.

    Good try, though!

  • Sarah, good one, but it’s nice to see that Wendie’s got a following but more importantly, she did coin it here. In other words …. she wrote it here……..before anyone did. And yes, at times, it looks like they’re reuse.

    not a prob. just a point.

  • As Sarah says, the word “fuckery” has been around for a very long time. Just because a former writer happened to use it here doesn’t mean she coined it. More importantly google is your friend, people. Maybe look shit up before you start throwing around phrases you don’t really know the meaning of.

    I’ve seen that word on other blogs LONG before Wendie wrote it here.

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