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David Arquette Breaks a Bit of Silence on His Split With Courteney Cox-Arquette

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Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off of the floor. I was literally that shocked that one-half of an A-list couple would actually have the balls — or the sheer stupidity — to divulge juicy details such as sex, parenting, and another woman.  Because that’s exactly what happened.

David, the male half of the Arquette marriage (hold your tongue), spoke out on Howard Stern‘s very upstanding radio show yesterday and was, naturally, asked about the state of his marriage to his more-famous wife. Arquette claimed that the main reason behind the split was Courteney’s decision to stop being his mom.  (Burn, dude.)

Arquette also stated that the couple’s non-existent sex life was also a bit of a catalyst into what resulted in the couple’s official breakup. David claims that he and Courteney hadn’t slept together for a month (and also slammed Court by saying that sex had to be ‘scheduled’ and ‘methodical’) and Courteney had given him the go-ahead to sleep with other women (she always did strike me as the cool mom type). So what did little Davey do? Slept with true starfucker, Jasmine Waltz, who has been linked to a few other male Hollywood actors just in the past year — Chris Pine, Ryan Seacrest, and Jesse McCartney.

Jasmine, in case you care, is a waitress and — of course — an aspiring actress.

Though Arquette did what any man in his position might, it looks like he’s shot himself in the foot.  He claims that he’s been trying to get back into Courteney’s pants good graces, but for a woman who strikes me as kind of being protective of her privacy, I think little Davey’s just about done.

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  • “David, the male half of the Arquette marriage (hold your tongue), spoke out on Howard Stern‘s very upstanding radio show”

    WTF is this Sarah? like you are any better and what you do is so much above Howard Stern?
    get a life.. and stop being jealous of Howard Stern..

    Without Stern and David Arquette, you wouldn’t be able to sit on your ass all day behind a computer with dumb hollywood gossip to talk abou now would you?

    Please, you would drop your panties in a sec to be on the stern show, and have real celebs divulge secrets to you. and you know it you jealous biatch

  • a list? i’d say b- list at best.
    i wonder what it is that drives all these celeb women to “allow” their men to sleep w/ others. demi, courtney, and prob many more. elin and sandra were even suspected of it at first. maybe it’s just that they don’t feel they can ever be enough – demi is much older and courtney is frigid. or maybe it’s just that they have given up on any man actually being faithful.

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