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Kelsey Grammer’s Girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, Suffers a Miscarriage

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Normally I’d say, ‘Hey, that’s personal,’ and I wouldn’t publish it, but the couple has made a fucking joint statement on their very unfortunate recent occurrence. From People:

‘We lost our unborn child about six weeks ago. ?We would like to thank all of those who expressed kindness and concern ?but we needed a little time to heal, time to find some solace before we? publicly acknowledged our loss.”

I mean, yeah, I guess it’s something that they would probably have had to publicly acknowledge at one point or another, to someone or another, considering that Kelsey Grammer’s kind of famous in certain circles and I’m sure someone, somewhere, would have eventually said, ‘Hey, didn’t Kelsey Grammer knock up his young-enough-to-be-his-daughter girlfriend a few months back? I wonder how they’re doing.’ So, yup, makes sense to a certain extent.

But then again, why even feel compelled to make a statement over certain things, to the public nonetheless, to begin with? Do we live in a society where we owe everyone and their mother a detailed explanation and daily breakdown of our lives week by week? I know if it were me, I’d be keeping my shit to myself.  Especially about something like this.  I’m really sorry that this whole thing happened and all, because losing a child has got to be really awful – in utero or not – but keep your business to yourself if you need to ‘heal.’

My prayers and good thoughts are with the couple during this horribly difficult time, but man. I guess nothing’s sacred these days.

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  • Yea, right, “Normally I’d say, ‘Hey, that’s personal,’ and I wouldn’t publish it,”. You’d publish it, make a sarcastic remark and laught about it. But today you think you’ve got a conscious. Good try but we’re not buying it.

  • Wow you are quite the pathetic little bitch aren’t you? Sitting there behind your computer typing stories about other people and thinking you have some sort of idea about anything…
    I, like Kayte, just suffered a miscarriage and I can personally tell you to shut your pathetic little mouth. You have no idea what a person goes through when they lose a child and you have no idea what kind of things that a person needs to do to overcome that type of tragedy. Maybe she wanted to address the issue now rather than spend months having people harass her over a baby bump. Perhaps she didn’t want to have to address the issue for days and days because people are insensitive and intrusive. Yes, it may be a private struggle but don’t pretend idiots like yourself don’t feed on knowing the personal details of celeb lives. You make a living on them disclosing private information so why the hell would you sit there and insult them?
    Nothing sacred? Obviously you haven’t got half the brains you were born with. If it were Katy Perry talking about the sexual bliss she experiences with Russell Brand you’d love it. If it were Lady Gaga revisiting the “does she is doesn’t she” have a penis nonsense then you’d not have any issues but because a woman suffering a miscarriage, an event that was not a CHOICE but rather a heartbreaking loss, decides to let everyone know you think you have some right to sit there and pass judgement and act like it is in some way taboo.
    If you have kids (I hope not) you better tell them when they get knocked up to not tell anyone because apparently telling people your pregnant is okay but if they miscarried you would want them to carry that burden in silence so save them from the pain all together.

  • yeh, you can tell you just suffered an experience with a whole lot of hormones surging through your body. sorry you had a miscarriage, but irrationality is really unattractive on anyone, and espeecially those who feel that they’re intitled to it.

  • Except for the rage, I agree with the anonymous poster. They were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t, and I’d bet money that bloggers and tabloid writers would be up in arms if she hadn’t said anything at all. These writers feel entitled to know the most intimate of details about celebrities lives, but also feel the need to get on their high horse when celebs get a little too personal. “Why would you share something like that?” Um, because people would be pestering her about it had she not. Like I said, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I personally think the couple handled it just about as well as one could. They took time to deal with it and heal amongst themselves, and when they felt the time was right, they acknowledged that the pregnancy didn’t go to term. They would’ve had to sooner or later. I love good gossip, but sometimes I find gossip bloggers and tabloid writers the entitled ones who can be downright despicable.

    I don’t know if I could take being in the public eye, with so many people who don’t know you essentially demanding that you open up about stuff that you haven’t even come to terms with on your own. It can be disgusting sometimes.

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  • I completely agree – if they hadn’t done a statement, they WOULD have people up in arms and blogging bitchily about how they thought this had happened, and what was the deal- and as you said yourself, they would eventually have to address it.
    Why open an old wound?
    Better to let it get bearable and mention it then, rather than address it while it’s too touchy and sensitive, or when you’ve healed to a point that you’ve put it behind you, so to speak.

    I really wish you’d just save your bitchiness for “OMG, her hair is teh wrong color!”
    And, yes, I said teh on purpose, because 9 times out of 10 your articles look like you typed and then hit post- a little bit of time to scan over and use a spell checking service wouldn’t kill you.

  • Personally I think it’s karma too–doesn’t matter if Kelsey’s wife is a b*tch or not. So disgusting Kelsey didn’t have the balls to divorce first before philandering and so disgusting that Kayte would hook up with a married man with kids. I’m sure he’ll do the same to her if he doesn’t die from a heart attack first. They deserve each other.