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Joaquin Phoenix Sits Down With David Letterman For a Heart-to-Heart

Unlike the Late Show appearance of a year ago, Joaquin Phoenix sat with David Letterman on his show last night and discussed the ruse that he and director/producter/brother-in-law Casey Affleck had created and participated in over the past eighteen months.

Letterman, who kind of seemed like he had a good-natured chip on his shoulder about the whole thing, asked Phoenix questions like, ‘What were you thinking,’ ‘Why did you do this,’ and claimed that the previous interview was just ‘so much fun.’

Phoenix responded that he and Affleck wanted to portray what the relationship was like between the media, celebrity and consumer, and wanted to underscore the personal eccentricities that some celebrities put on in an effort to separate themselves from the rest and ensuring their part in stardom.

Dave said it best — ‘It was a theatrical ruse.’

I don’t know about you, but I’m just glad it’s over. I’m stoked that I can start looking at Joaquin now and not think that he’s got lice and scabies crawling throughout his beard and pubic hair. Because that was a really unfortunate time in my life.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

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