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Just Another Reason For You to Love Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Because it’s not 2010 without covering Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” You know, I was a fan of JGL before the revival hit earlier this year — I didn’t, you know, want to bang him or anything, because he kind of struck me as a cute, cuddly teddy bear that, despite numerous pleas, would only ever be “just a friend,” but I rather enjoyed him in Third Rock From the Sun, one of the best sitcoms ever in my humble opinion, and yes, he was rather assertive in Halloween: H20, but for crying out loud, I was a teenager when that came out, so of course I was paying more attention to Josh Hartnett back then anyway. Plus, he ended up with an ice skate in the face, and that’s always problematic when finding someone attractive.


Here’s for all of you Joseph Gordon-Levitt fans. I think I’m going to mosey on over to eBay to see if I can get 3rd Rock on DVD. With some free shipping, maybe. Wish me luck!

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