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Peaches Geldof Has Strong Feelings About Ron Weasley

A photo of Peaches Geldof

As if the photo above of Peaches Geldof getting ready to smooch on a magazine poster of Rupert Grint wasn’t enough, Peaches went ahead and discussed her feelings further on Twitter:

Little known fact about me: I’ve been writing Harry Potter fan fiction under a pseudonym for quite a while now. I’m never revealing myself!!

‘Ron: The Ginger Hero’, by Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof. ‘Ron, ron, your name- a song, your hair, a flame, your eyes of green…’

…’Ron, Ron, it wont be long, til you and Hermoine, can finally be happy. The whole world is ready, for you to go steady, so cast a spell..

‘…and time will tell, you’re a ginger legend, Ron. Ron, Ron, be brave and strong, help Harry out, crush Voldy’s snout.” THE END THANKS.

Please tweet me your Harry Potter inspired poems so I can read them & subsequently quench my bout of Potter fever that’s raging right now…

Do you guys like Peaches’ poem?  I think I’m going to give it an A for effort, because you can tell the girl really loves her some Weasley.  And if I knew that I could use Twitter to write elementary level fan poetry, you best believe I would have been on that months ago.  So well done, Peaches, and I hope you share more of your art with us soon.