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Quotables: Jerry Lewis Tells It Like It Is

A photo of Jerry Lewis

“I’d smack her in the mouth if I saw her.  I would smack her in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman!  I would say, ‘You deserve this and nothing else…’  Whack!  And then, if she’s not satisfied, I’d put her over my knee and spank her and then put her in rehab and that’s it.”

– Crazy ol’ Jerry Lewis describing his feelings on Lindsay Lohan.

Maybe not so much that first part, Jerry, but I think a spanking and an extended stay in rehab would do wonders for Lindsay. After all, she’s barely been out of rehab a week and she already hit a baby with her car.   Allegedly.

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  • (Again…this site locks up when trying to comment.)

    One of the joys (?) of getting to be an old coot, you can say any damn thing you want. Usually, it won’t hit the press. Usually, it will just get one of your young relatives to say “OK, grandpa, it’s time for your meds and sleepy time….”

    Sorry, Jerry, it isn’t the dark days when you could beat a woman who behaved in a manner you don’t like behind closed doors and get away with it. I may agree Lindsay is an idiot but so are a lot of people. I just wish to fuck they didn’t get behind the wheel of cars. Damn it, Lohan, you made a cool mil on the In Touch interview. Hire a driver! Jesus.