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What The Hell is Going On With Drew Barrymore and Justin Long?

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long at the Going the Distance Premiere

So we heard a couple weeks ago that these two broke up. Now I’m reading that they’re still totally together. Then there are these photos of the two of them promoting their new movie Going the Distance to over-analyze. Do they look uncomfortable?  What are they whispering to each other? If they are actually broken up, don’t you think they’re probably completely dying inside because they’re contractually obligated to promote this movie together?

Ugh! I wont be able to sleep until I know the truth!

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  • I don’t think they look all that uncomfortable. As far as the relationship is concerned, maybe they don’t even know where they stand with each other so why should we? They are always breaking up and getting back together. Just sounds like this will continue to be a theme.