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LeAnn Rimes is “Swingin'” on America’s Got Talent

Aw, that’s funny. I thought that show died.

At any rate, the show is not dead, and LeAnn Rimes actually performed as a guest star this past week, debuting her latest single, Swingin’. So, ah, appropriate, LeAnn! Did Eddie co-write this for you? Produce it? Inspire it? No, I’m kidding. I have no idea what this song is actually about. It could be about, you know, swangin’ from rope swings into the local crick. It could be about swangin’ on the swangs at the muni park — the one that three counties share.

Who knows. Who cares.

The video? I care about. So much. And you should, too, because it’s LeAnn clumsily stumping around the stage with her flat feet and boyshorts bikini, sounding not too awful.  Really.

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  • @Sandy
    Obviously you are not a country music fan. Swingin is classic “country” by John Anderson. Rimes version has been soundly rejected by country music fans so she turned the video into a west coast bikini wiggle-jingle where she forgot the words and stumbled aroun the stage.

  • I thought her performance was out of place with the song, but she did look good. Wish I looked like that in a bikini. I think she is supposed to be doing a live interview on Talk With The later this fall. I hope I get to talk to her then. She is one of my favorites.

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