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Jon Stewart Calls Out Jennifer Ansiton For Being a Bad Date

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Have you ever been on a kinda sorta date with somebody and you hoped that it wasn’t a date so you did everything you could to imply that it was a totally platonic meeting without actually saying that it was a platonic meeting? Like, I don’t know, talking about other men or women your dating, watching your body language to make sure your not giving off the wrong vibes and maybe even inviting some of your friends to meet up with you so that there’s absolutely no way you’ll get the moves put on you? OK, well, so has Jennifer Aniston. To Jon Stewart. And last night, after 15 years of keeping it to himself, he called her out for it on The Daily Show.

Supposedly right around the time that Jennifer was working on Friends, Jon was working on a show with Paramount and he ran into Jen and asked her on a date and she agreed. However, throughout that date, Jennifer had multiple friends show up to hang out with them. Ha. Sounds like maybe she said something like, “That dude Jon Stewart who used to have that MTV show asked me out. Come by the restaurant so he doesn’t think he can try something.”

I love the idea of these two going on a date at the peak of Jennifer’s fame and her rejecting him in such a cowardly way. Who hasn’t done that before? And I love that they can sit there and talk about it so normally on Jon’s show. Makes me hopeful, you know? Like maybe I’ll figure out how to stop being such a passive-aggressive bitch sometime in the next fifteen years and live to laugh about it.

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