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Justin Bieber Tweets a Hater’s Phone Number

Last night Justin Bieber found out that some other teen bro named Kevin was trying to hack into his Twitter account to get his phone number, so what did he do? He tracked down Kevin’s phone number and posted it on his Twitter page with the message “call me!” Although the post was only up for a couple hours, thousands of Bieber diehards had retweeted and saved and screengrabbed the number and Kevin got blown up. The video above is just over a minute of Kevin’s phone screen with countless texts and phone calls coming in.

While Kevin seemed to have a pretty good sense of humor about the while thing (he got the attention he wanted and then some), I’m pretty sure Tweeting some dude’s number could be a majorly dumb move on Bieber’s part. What he did could qualify as harassment, if not endangering a minor. And that’s just if you want to talk lawsuits. On a more real level, I think it’s bullying. Biebdawgs is famous and people are going to go after him on Twitter and YouTube and even in gossip blogs (Hi, Justin.) His reach will always be wider than that of his haters unless the kid manages to piss off Oprah, ya know? Someone should have pointed out to Justin that this Kevin kid is probably just jealous of him and to leave it be. All he did was bring Kevin to the attention of me and thousands of his fans.

And in related news, I now have Kevin Fever.

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  • on kevins iphone, u can clearly see the full numbers of some calls coming in.. these are calls presumably from young girls responding to biebers message to ‘call me’ (bieber) on the no.

    so kevin is upset his number was made public, yet he goes makes multiple others’ numbers public.

    pot , kettle , black

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  • He’s a 16 year old kid, and i dont think this is bullying, it’s Justin showing some jealous kid to fuck off

  • This kid is obviously an idiot. First of all, people hate on justin way too much, if they dont like him, why do they waste their time? His voice isnt that high, his music isnt that bad, and hes a decent guy. Kevin could have resolved his problem by giving AT&T a quick phone call to deactivate his phone, or, gone into settings and put his phone into Airplane mode

  • Justin should go to jail because of it. Wouldn’t be the eighth illegal thing he’s done. I don’t know why he is famous, if he can’t take a little pressure he should give up because fame is not the place for an immature 16 year old.

  • It’s not Bieber that would be held accountable, it would be those crazy teenage girls. If a random person tweeted someone’s number they wouldn’t be charged with anything, it’s not harrassment. Fame doesn’t make a difference because his fans are responsible for their own actions.