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Neil Patrick Harris Is Going to Be A Daddy!

That generally amazing man, Neil Patrick Harris, and his partner of around six years, David Burtka, are going to get their lives changed in October, thanks to a surrogate.  They’re expecting twins!

Can you even imagine Neil Patrick Harris as a father?  He would tenderly hold his babies and sing them beautiful show tunes (“I Dreamed a Dream” is what’s in my vision for some reason, though I don’t know why Neil would be serenading his baby a song about shattered dreams).  He would probably be a pretty good dude to have around in terms of simple cuts and scrapes (you can’t tell me he didn’t learn anything on Doogie Howser).

Feel free to leave your own lovely visions of Neil Patrick Harris, the father, in the comments!

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      • I’m sure that they won’t be leaving the US and living in a male only community. Gay men have sisters, mothers, female friends all of whom provide positive female role models and possible confidants if and when the need arises.

      • You’re totally right – all single mothers and fathers, no matter what their personal situation might be, single, divorced, widow/er, should have their children put into the adoption system if they don’t have a traditional set of mum and dad around. Oh wait, I think it only bothers you when it’s a gay couple.