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Remember I Was Asking About Blue Valentine?

It debuted at Cannes a few months back, and supposedly at the most recent Toronto Independent Film Festival, it’s kicking some more ass. So, uh, the question remains: when is it going to be available to the public? I’m sure you all remember my long-winded diatribe of how I “met” Ryan Gosling while he was filming this movie in a town where I used to live, so this movie — already — holds unseen value to me at this point.

I’ve gotta see it. Any of you lucky enough to be at either of these film festivals, or maybe somehow snagged a bootleg of the production? I mean, I know that kind of thing is sort of frowned upon by the law and whatever, but it’s not as if I’m going to tell anyone or anything.

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  • The Toronto Int’l Fim Festival TIFF isn’t on yet . Sept 9 – 19.
    I remembered it was in Sept. because of 911 they practically shut it down.