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You know when you’re at a surprise party and the guest of honor totally knows that the surprise is coming, so when everyone jumps out they way over compensate by giving a really large, fake reaction? OK. So that’s all I can think of when I see these pictures of Jake Pavelka leaving a Banana Republic in NYC. His face is all, “Lalala, just leaving this store with a glass door that I can see out of–OH! WHAT?! WHAT!? It’s the cameras! Ahhh, hey guys. What a surprise. So nice to see you. It’s almost as if my publicist didn’t call you to come here. You rascals. Well, see you later!” And the best thing about these pictures, in my opinion, is that fierce ‘n’ sassy black lady walking out the door behind him. I worship how “over it” she looks. Worship.

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