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I Have Nightmares Less Scary Than This

SPEAKING of VanityFair, I was cruising their website and I came across this video of Lady Gaga’s photo shoot for their September issue. I always love these behind the scenes videos of celebrities doing magazine covers. It’s interesting to see how they move, all the different garments they wear, what it looks like to participate in a photo shoot on that scale. But this? KINDA FREAKED ME OUT. And no, it’s not the editing or the music or the odd wardrobe… I just felt like I was watching something not meant for human eyes.

You see, I’m not sure that I care about how Lady Gaga makes her magic. I don’t want to see her smiling and looking like a normal human (and even almost tripping over her own dumb ass shoes again.) I just want the finished product, because Gaga’s all about the finished product. With out perfect presentation, Gaga’s just not the same, you know?

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