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Hugh Laurie Can Do Anything

Hugh Laurie, the best star of the best show on television, is clearly not just an actor.  He plays guitar and piano (sometimes with harmonica) all the time on House, and he’s also in Band From TV.  If you guys think Hugh Laurie is as dreamy as I do, then you just get excited right now.

Hugh got a record deal, and he’s going to record a blues album.  There’s no word on when the album will be released (I think it should be released about five years ago), but here’s what Hugh had to say about it:

“I am drunk with excitement at this opportunity.  I know the history of actors making music is a checkered one, but I promise no one will get hurt.”

Is anyone else as insanely excited about this as I am? Honestly, the wonders that this album will contain blow my mind already – when it’s actually released, I imagine the unicorns will come out of the depths of the forest and Lindsay Lohan will star in The Parent Trap 2.  And that’s the perfect world, you guys.

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  • I’m looking forward to it, too. He’s no doubt one of the brightest and most talented that TV has to offer. Anyone who can keep a flawless American accent going while using all those medical terms on top of it is nothing short of amazing.

  • I will admit that I’m excited. However, now I’m going to ruin all this cheeriness by admitting that I, yes, I was the one who bought Bruce Willis’s in 1984 or whenever it was. And I enjoyed it, damnit. You can’t make me ashamed!

  • i am! i love hugh! and the parent trap w/lindsay is one of movies i will always watch if it’s on t.v., that and Mannequin! oh, and Hocus Pocus!

  • words cannot describe my excitement. Blues! House! House playing blues! what could be better? oh I now his sexy British self Laurie playing blues!

  • I am 68 years old, House is timeless. I enjoy each and every episode. He is hypnotic. What a joy to be entertained by someone so diversified as he is. Thank you Hugh!