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  • I can’t believe that they felt the need to Photoshop the hell out of a 14 year old girl. This pic is so obviously retouched that it’s ridiculous.

  • Wow. F-ing wow. The people that have made these photos possible are so unevolved, and misery loves company so why not exploit your family and loved ones. This child has no other avenue. And she’s beautiful. Physically. And her family will tell her that that is an accomplishment and she will think that that is what accomplishments are made of. Being. She might be capable of incredible scientific research but no one in that family will ever push for anything but empty reward… Blech

  • This is a beautiful young girl! I have a daughter and don’t think I would flip out if I saw these pictures. It seems that her dad wouldn’t let it get out of control so why not let her take advantage of her beauty and the Kardashian money train while it’s steaming through the station. Just keep it classy and tasteful and make that money while you can. Don’t let your dad and family down. You’re a gorgeous!

  • she’s pretty, yes, but maybe if they didn’t put so much goddamn makeup on her and touch it up SO MUCH, she’s look sort of real. i hope she has a little more class than the rest of her sisters.

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