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Oh, This Is Appropriate: 14-Year-Old Kendall Jenner’s Bikini Photo Shoot

We had a Kardashian ban on this site for a couple years. It’s eroded over the past year, as new writers have come and gone and I found myself too busy to send email reprimands when they ran Kardashian pieces. I never really talked about why, but now seems as appropriate a time as any.

In October 2007, I ran this piece. It contained a photo of Kendall and Kylie Jenner posing on the red carpet for the viewing party for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. There was some veiled reference to how I looked forward to the days they behaved like their older sisters, but there was nothing especially inflammatory about the piece. It was a photo of two girls on a red carpet. At a press event. I said they were “cute.”

Someone left a comment on the piece containing Kylie and Kendall’s actual phone number. I didn’t know this — I don’t read all the comments on this site, as there are many, many comments left daily, on pieces spanning the 4+ years of its existence. Kylie and Kendall began receiving phone calls in the middle of the night, and the Kardashian family traced it back to the comment left on this blog. I had no idea any of this was going on.

One morning, I received a phone call from a blocked number. Stupidly, I answered. It was the Kardashian’s rep — or perhaps a lawyer, I can’t remember at this point — calling to tell me about the comment with the phone number. Also, he didn’t like the piece I’d written and he said something about how I was exploiting young girls. (Young girls who were posing on a red carpet.) I told him I didn’t want to cause the girls any trouble, and I removed the comment containing the phone number.

He called again, an hour later. There were other comments on the post (the post contained hundreds of comments at that point — they’ve all been deleted since) where people were discussing their overtly sexual fantasies about these young girls. Their mother, he explained, was very upset. Again, I was unaware these comments were present, and I removed all comments of a sexual nature from that post.

I will note that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act makes clear that the owner of a website is not legally responsible for comments left on it. I was under no obligation to remove these comments, and I knew that, but it was clearly the right thing to do under the circumstances.

Then he called again, a couple of hours later. There were other comments on the post, comments that spoke ill of the adult Kardashians, and Kris Jenner was upset about those, too. He wanted those removed. I told him that, while I didn’t mind removing the sexual comments about the little girls, I felt that the comments about the older Kardashians could stay. At this point he became very upset. He called again and again. He was calling every fifteen minutes. I didn’t answer. He left long-winded, angry messages. He went through every post on my site that contained any mention of any Kardashian and left detailed instructions as to how it needed to be changed. I did not comply.

I finally answered one of his calls. His voice was full of condescension. He asked how old I was. I was 25 at the time and I told him that.

“Oh, you’re very young.”

“Sasha,” he said — but he may as well have said ‘Little Girl’ — “you don’t understand what you’re dealing with here. We will destroy you in court. We are currently in the process of taking down BuddyTV for what they said about the Kardashians. Their site will be off the Internet forever tomorrow. They’ll be bankrupt. Do you want that to happen to you?” (BuddyTV, for the record, is still very much alive, kicking and successful.)

I told him that I didn’t, but that I understood my rights, and I was under no obligation to remove the posts about the adult Kardashians. He listed all the laws I was violating. (These were lies.) He referred back to the post about Kylie and Kendall, and threatened to take me to court on some federal charge of exploiting young girls. Then, at one point, he offered to give me rights to the photos from the Kim Kardashian Playboy shoot in exchange for making the “corrections” to all my blog posts about the Kardashians.

He called hourly. He did this for days. It was insanity. These were obviously public figures — people who had willingly agreed to participate in a television show about their lives, including the lives of their underage daughters — and they still planned to control every facet of the way they were portrayed in the media? And they planned to do this by hurling baseless threats at young women running blogs? It was completely insane.

Eventually the phone calls dropped off, and — surprise! — no one ever took me to court. I decided we didn’t need to cover the Kardashians at all, and we didn’t for a long time.

Today, I received an email from a producer at BuzzMedia imploring me to cover Kim Kardashian’s recent blog post about these bikini photos taken of the now-14-year-old Kendall, who’s apparently an aspiring model.

So, ya know, HERE YA GO. Enjoy the heavy eye makeup, the near-exposed breasts, and the sexual poses of an eighth grader. But let’s be very, very careful not to exploit any young women in the process, okay?

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  • Of course the Kardashian’s lawyer was just as dimwitted and arrogant as the rest are. Kendall, however, is very very pretty – she definitely does not look 14!

  • I’m a senior in high school, and while these pics are attractive, I had to do a double take. 14? Holy shit. My brothers would’ve KILLED me. On a side note-Bravo, Beet. I totally agree with everything you’ve said. I guess the Kardashians didn’t want you compromising their dignity LOL.

  • Oh Beet, can you please be my big sister?

    These photos are foul. My mother (perhaps an extreme) wouldn’t let me wear anything exposing my midriff until I was eighteen. As long as I was underage and under her roof – cover up. So I did.

    And old cutie had a point.

  • I can’t believe that they felt the need to Photoshop the hell out of a 14 year old girl. These pics are so obviously retouched that it’s ridiculous.

    She’s a pretty girl, WHY do they need to touch up her skin and such to the point where she looks like she’s made of plastic??

  • The females in this family don’t know how to get anywhere in life that doesn’t include trading on their bodies and faces. Yeah, they’re pretty. Do any of them have any substance as people? Sure as hell wouldn’t know. I wish one of them would do something shocking like get some education or something.

  • holy shit! this girl is 14? damn, my little sister is 13 and wears sillybandz. she doesn’t even own make-up. it’s appalling that the kardashian mother lets her CHILD dress/pose like this. on a side note, kendall look like a pretty version of khloe, no?

  • I actually thought the Kardashians were better than this. Compared to The Hiltons they at least have a work ethic. But this is just gross. What a whore. Good job, Kris.

    • You did?, this shameless family had this girl (or the other young one) doing moves on a stripper pole when she was 10 or 11, Kimberly became famous for a pathetic “leaked” sex tape, I think that spells it all out.

  • I wonder why she looks like khloe?….maybe khloe is really Jenners love child? She does look different from the other older sisters, right?

  • This is so gross. Nothing like whoring our your VERY UNDERAGE daughter to the world of sickos and perverts. Way to go Kris. BTW, it’s not AT ALL shallow or ridiculous you named all your daughters with names that start with “K”.

  • Props for waiting so long to spill all of those beans, sasha!! Great piece-
    Gross family though. Don’t you dare exploit our girls. Only WE exploit our girls…

  • Hmm, I bet her father has no idea she is doing photo shoots like this. He is much more strict than their mother and he would have freaked out I imagine to see his 14 year old daughter dressed like this in a photoshoot.

    • omg. I also hope he had no idea about that. He seemed quite reasonable on the show. It would be such a shame if it was just for the show/weird editing. If so, there’s no hope for younger generation…

  • Dude, she’s not pretty. She just happens to be in a rich and famous family who can plug her photoshoot in every single gossip website. She is a very, very normal-looking girl with a skinny body who looks totally out of place in some pictures (the photo of her dressed up with the big hair and the heavy make-up just looks like a kid who’s been caught playing in mum’s wardrobe) and totally jailbait in the rest of them. She is nowhere as gorgeous as Kim Kardashian.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. This girl has a great body but her face is stern and unattractive. The hooker makeup doesn’t really help either.
      And as everybody else has already said, good on Beet for getting this story out there.

  • Is that what an aspiring model looks like these days?? My god, WHY all that makeup? She needs to go to a carwash to get all that crap off her face!

    HA! well said Sasha!

  • These people honestly disgust me.
    People need to stop looking at children as a source of income, ffs. SERIOUSLY.

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • You must be kidding me….I know that it’s an image that they’re selling, not the child herself, but holy crap. My daughter is 13 and wears Winnie the Pooh t-shirts and OshKosh shorts with flip flops, doesn’t shave her legs or pits yet and doesn’t even LIKE to wear a two piece that doesn’t have the Little Mermaid on it. Now that Mama Kardashian has her sights on another cash cow (I’m looking at you, Kim), NOW it will be “artistic” and to further promote the kid’s modeling career. At 14. What hypocrites. I can’t wait to see how the family handles the backlash.

    • I am happy to hear someone say that their 13 year old daughter dresses like I think one should. I remember when I was that age, I didn’t care about make-up and designer clothes. It is so sad to see girls in jr high already dealing with the pressure to dress to someone else’s standards. Way to go you, you did good.

    • That’s a little weird too though, The Little Mermaid togs for a 13 year old? My little sister just turned 13 and though she’d never dress like Kendall is, she has begun to be aware of “fashion” by that age (same as everyone at her school). Obviously 13 year old fashion though, so a bit kiddy, but not… the little mermaid. And I think most kids start shaving their legs around 12-14.

    • Very interesting assessment. I was thinking about this the other day. Two of the lawyers that got OJ off are dead by cancer (The Kardashian father and Jonny Cochran) and Robert Shapiro lost his son to a drug overdose.

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  • Wonderfully written piece.
    And that girl is too young to be dressing like that.
    When I was 14, I had awful hair, bad clothes, and braces. I never would have even considered posing in my bikini.
    She’s really pretty, but why couldn’t they have done a regular photo shoot? While wearing clothes that are suitable for a 14 year old?

    • I totally agree with you. I think she is a beautiful little girl, but there are WAY more appropriate ways for her to build her portfolio. I cannot believe a parent would sign off on this.

      Yes, little girls DO wear two piece suits, but the way these shots are taken is purposefully meant to sexualize her, and that is completely uncalled for at that age.

      • Well sadly Marie this is the World we live in now, look at Miley Cryus, Taylor Momsen etc, they are a part of this sickening culture of sexualizing girls at a young age and it is very wrong and damaging, It baffles why nothing is being done about it.

  • OMG.

    I’m pretty sure their are laws that make these photos so illegal.

    I feel bad for this little girl, she has no responsible parents or sister to tell her she is being exploited by some scum bag photography.

    The best photo is of her in the little outfit with the cute leopard print booties.

  • Do any of you morons know what the average age of a runway model is? 14. Have you been to Have you seen some of the shows where their ta-tas are hanging out? It’s high art. Take your burning philistine eyes somewhere else if you can’t handle it. The reason their careers are over at the age of 25 is because they start so early. Dummies.

    • High art? You mean high fashion? High fashion/art and a 14 yr old looking like she’s posing for Maxim, two totally different things…

  • !!! where is molls @ LOL!? “He called hourly. He did this 4 dayz.” – I would also like to add I find it a bit troubling that I look for “4dayz” everywhere and have a little snicker to myself w/e i do see it.

  • cool. can we now stop talking about kardashians again?

    (PS. am i the only one who thinks name “kendall” sounds slutty? i have no idea where that came from…)

  • actually many models start even youger, may i remember you that kimora was the face of chanel when she was 13?? what’s causing a scandal is the fact that she has a “name” backing her up, besides since she’s from a “close and warm” family, these things should not be happening in public

  • guess Kendall ain’t so bad after all…
    well speakin of which her tities are pretty juicy for a 14yr old…
    if she doesn’t mind i’d like 2 suck it off a bit or maybe entirely juice it off

    • You should be arrested for such a comment. Or maybe more comments from pedophiles will help her disappear from Internet. (Just a thought).

  • Well written and well said in all, EB.

    It’s the same with the Miley/Perez thing. All these young celebs exploit themselves with their image and antics but hide under the law of their age, and when they turn 18 soon it will be on their own heads. I cannot wait for their ‘coming of age’ parties and their images to be ruined because nothing can be legally done to filter their antics through the media.

    Behave/dress like a whore, be treated/viewed as one.

  • As much as I don’t agree with how sexual this shoot is this is what modelling is. They send 13/14 year old girls out in underwear, swimwear, down catwalks and to photoshoots. You get there you do your job and your age is not an issue and usually the younger you are the better. I know this from first hand experience from being on jobs with young girls. Is it right? No. Is it a normal part of the industry? Yes.

    She looks fantastic, alot of the images are stunning and not overtly sexual.

    Each to their own…

  • i am so sick of these gypsy looking girls who were raised by a gold digging mother and father too busy defending other monsters so we shouldnt be suprised how they all turned out..that mother of theirs should be arrested for exploitation of her own children..they have no rules,no discipline and everything is allowed as long as the money is rolling in!!!i feel so bad for the little kardashians because all they are to their mother is another way to make more money!!and Khloe you look like a pig,your face is disgusting so please try not being all over the press cuz it really hurts my eyes!!!

    • I totally,totally agree. Shame on You, Mama Kris. But,as long, as people are going to watch the family on TV, they are going to make mo money,mo money,mo money,doing actually nothing.

  • Of COURSE she looks 14. What she doesn’t look like is a grown woman. Ladies, if you can’t get a date after 30 because you don’t look like a teenager, maybe it’s time we all took a look at what we’re sexualizing in society. This is as good as condoning pedophilia.

  • PS — maybe you could put that lawyer’s personal phone number in your blog — I’m sure lots of your readers would like to touch base with him!

  • I think she looks INCREDIBLE!! I don’t see anything wrong with the pictures and I wish her all the best in her modeling career. I totally agree with Charlie. It may not be right but this stuff does happen. I also don’t think that these images are sexual at all. There are 14 year olds out there who wear bikini’s and take pictures right? The only difference is she has her hair and make up done.

    ” mamie says: July 23, 2010 at 12:23 pmshe looks like adam lambert in full on drag. not a pretty site.”


  • Nice – it’s okay to encourage the child to dress/behave/pose like an adult and then exploit the child themselves.

    Wow – reality TV, and such like it really blows my mind – what I see people doing to themselves and others for a dollar – wouldn’t you say alot of this reality crap is no more then prostitution? Sexual intercourse does not solely make up prostitution.

    I don’t know – in the world I live and breath in I don’t socialize with ‘toddlers in tiara’s’, families who sell their souls to national television, I don’t watch the crap on tv, and I don’t buy the crap they sell on it. I’m not going to help pay for their messed up lives. I may not be as rich as they are, but I really like being me and knowing that I’ve got my morales about me, my soul is in tact, and my kids innocence wasn’t sold so I could buy me a fancy new car.

  • This is promoting child porn and encouraging this pathetic family that this is okay, it is not please remove this post.

  • Why am I not even surprised? The Kardashians are a disgrace. The mother is just pimping out of all her daughters to make money.

  • Wow 14 & her tits look that nice in a bikini?I just wish she would show off her ass more like her lil sis Kylie does.Then again Kylie does have a nicer ass on her hmm.

  • something nobodies mentioned on here is the thousands and thousands of girls who look upto her and want to be her who will think its acceptable behaviour and mimick it. social services should be called. its encouraging worldwide paedophilia!! . anyone who sells themself be it there body, dignity, whatever is just a prostitute plain and simple and its disgusting.

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