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M. Night Shya-Whatever is a Rood Boy

So, like, every critic said that his latest flick, Airbender sucked (and though I didn’t see it, I have to concur, because he should just totally stick to creepy movies like Signs, The Village, and The Happening), and he’s getting awfully defensive and antsy over the bad reviews.

When a reporter asked him a rather long-winded question about whether or not he “sold out commercially,” he quipped:

“I think if I thought like you, I would kill myself.”

Is he rude, or just truthful? Has he sold out commercially, or has his head expanded to the size of his prior creeptastic movie franchise, and he’s just being super-protective of his latest (bomb!) baby? Or maybe he’s just smart as a whip, wicked influential and not afraid of telling someone to fuck off.

I’m going with the last.  Damn, damn reporters.

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  • I’ve always hated the term “selling out” and the criticism that’s associated with it. Whether M. Night did Last Airbender just for the money or because he WANTED TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, who the f*ck cares? He can do whatever the hell he wants for whatever reasons. The only thing that affects us is the outcome, which, granted, happens to be terrible in this case, but which also probably has very little to do with his motivation (since some artists can “sell out” and do a very good job).

  • I just wanted to comment that The Happening was the most comically bad move I have ever seen. Run from the wind!

  • All of M. Night Shyamalan was horrible after The Sixth Sense. I don’t care if he’s got any integrity or not. His movies are utter crap.

  • all his movies are let-downs. his endings are crap. and he just ruined an epically good cartoon.

  • Dear Night,

    Stop the “a M. Night Shamalamadingdong Film” crap before all your films/production company, um don’t you have to be renowned/good to do that? You just seem like an ass.

    Oh and stop making yourself God, or the man who saves the planet in all your movie “cameos.” In fact just stop with the cameos all together.

    Make it less about you and more about good filmmaking. You’ve just lost sight of what is good. (hint: it aint your face)

    And learn how to direct your actors.

    A concerned movie going citizen

  • Bunny: Yes. Yes. Yes.

    The worst thing about Airbender was the script. Maybe if he had let someone else write it, he would’ve had more time to actually direct, and the movie might have been saved.

    In other news.. Jackson Rathbone is definitely worth a second glance.

  • this guy didnt sell out with airbender. he’s a sellout from the begining, all that lady in the water and the vilage and all that shit was never good to begin with and hes so into himself he puts himself in the movies