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Robert Shapiro Practices Tough Love with Lindsay Lohan, Quits as Her Attorney

On the eve of Lindsay’s first day of jail time (check back tomorrow, as we’ll be celebrating HAPPY LINDSAY LOHAN GOES TO JAIL DAY!), Robert Shapiro has quit as her attorney, after only three days of representing her.

Shapiro and Lindsay abruptly met with Judge Marsha Revel late Monday afternoon. The prosecutor in the case was not present for the meeting. The high-profile attorney — who, yes, represented OJ Simpson — did not say why he quit on Lindsay, but in earlier public statements, he said he would represent her only if she agreed to go to jail and followed his instructions.

My guess is she did neither. But you don’t exactly have to be a genius to puzzle that one out. But, like, THANK GOD there are some people around her who aren’t total enablers and psychopaths — some people who have some understanding of her disease and are willing to be like, “No, Lindsay Lohan, if you’re going to be behave this way, we’re not going to support you.”

“Ms. Lohan is suffering from a disease that I am all too familiar with,” Shapiro said publicly when he took her case — his son died of a drug overdose in 2005, and he’s since created a sober living facility in LA where Lindsay’s been camping out since he became her attorney.

Court records show that even though Shapiro has been representing Lindsay these past several days, her previous attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, never signed the substitution of attorney form, so technically she is still the attorney of record. She quit when she heard rumors that Lindsay was shopping around for another attorney.

So who the hell is going to show up with Lindsay tomorrow when she’s supposed to book into jail?

Her Twitter feed — which has been mostly ads today — ended with this as of 8pm Monday:

the only “bookings” that i’m familiar with are Disney Films, never thought that i’d be “booking” into Jail… eeeks


Is going to be sooooo much fun.