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Celebrity Rehab Is Bringing The Heat This Season

Well, Celebrity Rehab was nearly canceled, brought back to life, canceled again and now that shit is LEGIT resurrected. Not only have they managed to put together a list of celebs that I’m dying to watch get rehabbed, but I have a pretty good feeling that they’ll all be able to bring the drama.

Joining the cast is Jason Wahler from Laguna Beach and The Hills, Janice Dickinson, Jeremy London (OMFG, SO GOOD), Rachel Uchitel (one of Tiger’s hos), Leif Garrett, and singer Keisha Cole’s mother (that’s a stretch of the word “celebrity” if I’ve ever heard one, but I’ll take it!)

What do I anticipate? I see Rachel screwing everyone on the cast, Jason getting into a physical altercation with either Leif or Jeremy, Jeremy acting like a complete weirdo the whole time, and Janice and Keisha Cole’s mom? Oh, those two are going to be BFF. I’m calling it now.

Thank God for people who never give up! To think that we almost missed out on all this goodness.

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  • Leif was my Tiger Beat Magazine teen idol. I watched everything he did, had all the albums. As an adult, he came to Austin to promote a movie. I showed up with my album and waited in line. As he walked by my heart sunk. The smell of alcohol was so strong. My teenage heartthrob was a drunk! I got the autograph and asked how his mom and sister were doing (as any good fan would know about how important they were to him). He was so surprised that I asked about them. He had someone videotaping the event. As I was walking away he asked if I had come alone and that’s when I pointed to my husband and said I’m with him. So, who knows what he had in mind but my mind was clear, this boy was not what I had dreamed of. So maybe, after all these years, Dr. Drew could ‘save’ him. I doubt it but now I’m going to watch!

  • This is like vampire incest – fame whores sucking the infected blood of other fame whores. Dr. Drew better watch out – he’s definitely addicted to being on television.

  • With two reality shows under her belt, Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s mom) is as much a celebrity as jason “i hate black people” wahler. I predict she’s going to be the breakout star of this mess! Frankie definitely brings the mayhem and foolishness