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Liza Minnelli Is About to Have A Comeback!

I know, you guys, I’m really excited about this too.

After that glorious appearance on the Home Shopping Network to sell some clothes from her new fashion line, she’s been receiving a ton of job offers.  According to The National Enquirer

“She’s already been presented with a reality show concept and a sitcom script with her playing a wacky grandma,” said a source close to Liza. “Her handlers are comparing it the recent resurgence of Betty White’s career. It’s the last thing Liza or her people expected, but they’re not complaining. They’re busy fielding offers.”

Oh, please let Liza follow in the footsteps of Betty White.  I would love nothing more than for her to host Saturday Night Live. She’d forget lines all over the place and just improv the whole thing because she’d be running on natural hilarity and a handful of painkillers.  And we all know it’s just a matter of time before she makes an appearance on Glee.  Let’s get this show on the road, Liza!

On a more personal note, I found it kind of shocking how much Liza reminds me of my grandmother in that HSN video. Seriously, exchange her outfit for a muumuu, dye her hair some ridiculous shade of burgundy, then give her a beer and toss her on the front porch of a house in a meth ghetto in Tennessee, and that is my grandmother.  Crazy.

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  • I only got halfway through it, but that video was pretty hilarious. Someone needs to check her blood content!

  • She looks like a life-sized puppet doing a bad Liza Minnelli imitation. In no way does she have the charm and talent (yes, she was talented thirty-plus years ago, but what has she done in the last few decades except marry and divorce a freak?) of Betty White.