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Lindsay Lawyers Up With Robert Shapiro (Yes, OJ Simpson’s Former Attorney)

Clearly, she’s shooting for the stars. After a week or so of searching for, you know, The Best Lawyer Ever, Linsday’s set her sights on Robert Shapiro — the man who did the impossible and got OJ Simpson off on capital charges for the murders of his wife and Ron Goldman.

Sources close to Lindsay say that she’s doing everything in her power — and in the power of prolific attorneys — to avoid jail time, and to secure a more “comfortable” place in a rehab or other similar facility.

Lindsay is supposed to begin her stint in the pokey on July 20th. And I can’t fucking wait. If this lawyer somehow finagles a deal with Judge Revel that changes Lindsay’s ultimate location, I’m going to be pissed, for real. You know, not as pissed as when OJ Simpson got away with murder was found innocent, ’cause that’s a horse of a different color, but it’s a big, fucking, nasty, fly-ridden horse all the same.

Lindsay needs to do this thing the hard way this time, or she’s never going to learn.

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  • “Lindsay needs to do this thing the hard way this time, or she’s never going to learn.”

    Are you some kind of expert on helping people with their substance abuse? Why exactly do you think hard time will help Miss Lohan to stop when over 80% of inmates incarcerated for narcotics usage are repeat offenders previously convicted for narcotics usage?

    I can’t claim to be an expert on helping people stop substance abuse but it would seem that jail time is one thing that doesn’t work.

    • The girl needs to go to jail and not some lofty jail. She needs to hit rock bottom and see what is going to happen to her if she keeps up the bullshit. Yes they should fine her ass too. A nice little sober house is like putting a bandaid on a f’n compound fracture. WAKE UP dude, if it were any of us…we’d be going AWAY. They should make an example out of her, seriously.

  • I think she’s freaking out about it because it’s probably the one place she’ll be FORCED to detox. She’ll start getting violently sick and then everyone will see she’s really an addict.

    BTW, am I the only one who doesn’t think 3 months is THAT big of a deal? I mean, she’ll be sequestered, she won’t be around anyone who will want to hurt her and everyone knows it won’t be for 90 days. I dunno, liquidating your assests for a fancy shmancy lawyer all to avoid a little time in cupcake jail seems a bit ridiculous to me

  • 3 months won’t teach her a damn thing, give her 5 years and maaaybe she’ll stop being a coke whore