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Kelsey Grammer Is About to Be A Lot Less Rich

Poor Kelsey Grammer.  His wife of 13 years, Camille, filed for divorce at the beginning of the month, and now it turns out he’s going to lose a ton of money because the couple didn’t sign a prenup when they got married.

Kelsey is filing documents in attempt to avoid paying spousal support and to declare all of his Frasier earnings solely his, but since the couple got married four years into the series, that would only work for those first four years.  His earnings from the other seven years of the show, plus all the money from syndication and money from whatever else he’s done will have to be split evenly between them.  That sucks for Kelsey, because towards the end of Frasier, he was making about 1.6 million dollars per episode.

This is his third divorce.  Kelsey, what did we learn?  The next time we meet a cute blonde dancer/stripper/Playboy model* and fall in love, are we going to take a few moments to make sure our remaining money from our hit sitcom is going to stay ours?  Ok, baby, you call up David Hyde Pierce and cry it out now, you hear?

*These are the actual professions of his three wives.

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  • Kelsey, I have always thought you were a great entertainer and you seem like an overall nice guy, but you must be a f***in’ IIIIIIIDIOOOOOT! Did you really think this bim’ liked your just for your wonderful mind and great company and someday you’d both grow old and die together?! C’mon!