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Jake Isn’t the Only One Who Hates Vienna These Days

According to exclusive prying into personal business sources at RadarOnline, Vienna Girardi’s ex-boyfriend (no, not this one here, a different one, but this one can’t spell, either) is pissed to the point where he’s spitting nails and wants to punch his former lover in the face.

RadarOnline got a hold of some pretty incriminating — and threatening — text messages sent to Vienna by her ex-boyfriend, Brian Lee Smith, who claims that she broke his heart, so for retribution, he wants to break her face:

Brian: “It’s your turn to once get alittle of the pain I feel if I will nit lie or make up anything all truth oh btw I’ll be comin to la soon…for the record u told me I could if u hurt me again (in those fake emails) lol”

Vienna: “Please stop! Look I get that your upset but this isn’t the way to get me back.”

Brian: “Upset is not the word I want to punch you in the face and whatever I say deny it’s cool I have proof on everything! I’m not dumb I won’t say anything I can’t back up…Just to show I’m a better person than u I sold u out for free!!!!!! I would not except one penny…f**k u Vienna hope ur happy now it’s your turn look like a f**king idot.”

Vienna: “I’m sorry. I understand that your angry. But I thought you were my friend. You said you would always be there for me and as long as I was happy that was all that mattered. I’m sorry you feel you must hurt me in order to make your pain go away.”

Brian: “That right there what I’m talking about ur so f**king good with words and emotions!…U have no real friends I know that cause u shit on everyone…I don’t need any pittu u wanna know what realy makes me mad I wasted yearrrrrsss of my life with u!”

Vienna: “I have real friends and they are still by myside, I thought you were one of them…Thank you !…Thank you for feeling that you wasted years with me. You have a gf and have had a gf tis entire time.”

Brian: “Act like that bothered u then or now! Don’t f**kin play stupid…Deny it I’ll make u look even dummer I swear to God u admit it right now I’ll drop it and Never speak to. U again.

You know, the more I hear about this girl, the less I like her. Not that I liked her — or really knew who she was — prior to the highly-publicized “break up” between her and Jake Pavelka, but it looks like she’s not only a little free with her affections (and by “free,” I mean she “falls in love” with everyone), she’s also kind of a self-centered and conniving bitch, too.

I’m definitely not “Team Jake,” ’cause he seems like a pretty big douchebag himself, but I’m totally not Team Vienna after all of this crap.

See what happens when douchey famewhores of the world unite? Classless entertainment at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

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  • I agree she seems pretty obnoxious, fame-seeking, etc, but how can anyone read this text conversation and get out of it that SHE’S the bad one? Maybe she is, for other reasons, but clearly this guy has some serious anger issues, and she seems to be responding to him in a calm, respectable way.

    It worries me that we (you know, society) can see verbal/written abuse like this and still blame the victim. Like I said, maybe she has behaved poorly in the past, but no one deserves to be yelled at and threatened this way.