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Oh, Jude…

Ok, so Jude Law is maybe a little bit of a whore, but that’s ok. It’s not new.  It’s something we have come to acknowledge and accept, so let’s just move on from that for a moment. Just because a guy knocks up some ladies and is seemingly incapable of sticking to just one woman doesn’t mean that he can’t be charming sometimes.

The above video was taken while Jude was on a trip to the Czech Republic to receive a prize at a film festival.  And just like any respectable person in a foreign country, he stopped by a wine bar and sang a sweet karaoke version of “Johnny B. Goode.”  He also does a little jig, does a really job bad pretending the mic stand is a guitar, and politely refuses a real guitar.

You B. Goode youself, Jude.  And keep doing karaoke, because it’s actually pretty precious.

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