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The View Vs. GLAAD

Back in June, there was an episode of The View that offended a whole lot of people.  There were two male co-hosts, D.L. Hughley and Thomas Roberts, a newscaster for MSNBC.  They discussed that asinine Red Cross policy that states that gay men and people who have slept with gay men cannot donate blood, and from there, Hughley went on to make the statement that “when you look at the prevalence of HIV in the African American community it’s primarily young women who are getting it from men who are on the down low,” and they talked about that for a bit.  The thing is, however, that Hughley’s statement wasn’t even a little bit true.

GLAAD, along with the Black AIDS Institute and the National Black Justice Coalition, took offense to that remark, so they placed a full page ad in Variety demanding an on-air apology from The View and asking them to give the actual facts to their viewers.

I can’t imagine that The View won’t respond to this.  Placing a full page ad in Variety seems like a pretty effective way to call someone out.  I’d like to think that maybe next time people on The View would bother to check their facts before they make these kinds of ridiculous statements that other people actually listen to, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

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  • This blog is the dumbest blog on earth. You dumb people write a story but yet don’t bother to read it. If you had read what you wrote you would have notice that it was Hugely who made that statement not the view in general. He was on the show had nothing to do with the show it was his point of view so why then later would you say that the view should bother to check before they release a statement that has no facts. Again the view as a whole didn’t say anything it was hugely. Read what you people write.

    • He was a co-host that day, so he definitely had something to do with the show. Sherri Shepherd, a regular on the show, agreed with him, which you would see if you watched the video. And it doesn’t matter if someone in the audience stood up and shouted that made up fact, they would still have something to do with the show, and it would still be the show’s responsibility to correct that little piece of ignorance.

      Also, this blog isn’t demanding an apology, GLAAD is, and they’re demanding it from The View, not D.L. Hughley.

      • Emily D.L. owes them nothing and GLAAD needs to get off their high horse asking all these celebrities to say sorry all the time for just speaking their minds. Hughley got it wrong so what it happens. How come Glaad’s not jumping all over Sherri Shepherd who agreed with him? GLAAD HAS A HIDDEN AGENDA WITH ALL THIS SAY I’M SORRY CRAP. GLAAD IS SAD SAD BUNCH.

  • You might think differently if you’d caught AIDS from a blood transfusion because some gay fucker fucked another gay fucker up the arse.

  • WHAT MAKES THE GAY COMMUNITY KEEP RANTING FOR THE WORD SORRY THESE DAYS. Okay he got the facts wrong who doesn’t big deal! Why don’t the gay community say sorry to God for making a joke of his creation of MAN WITH WOMAN AND NOT THIS ILLNESS CALLED MAN WITH MAN AND WOMAN WITH WOMAN ? I wanna see the homosexuals make God say ”hey sorry , I forgot to make room for you !” But just wait in this closet right here and you will be coming out soon.

  • Many homosexual’s claim that… 1. They are born that way. 2.Homosexuality is of no harm to participants or to anyone else. 3.If it feels right to those involved, its nobody’s business but those involved. 4.Homosexual relationships and heterosexual relationships are equally valid (some even claim that the Bible condones homosexual relationships ).

  • Since other groups who have been discriminated against (such as blacks,women,and the disabled ) have been given equal opportunity, homosexuals claim that they too, should be liberated. However, as one Christian ”expert” has said… Gender,race, and impairment all relate to what a person is, whereas homosexuality relates to what a person does .