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Pete Doherty Hospitalized Before Show

My junkie boyfriend, Pete Doherty, is having some health problems again. Yesterday, The Babyshambles were set to perform a show in France, but when fans arrived to the venue, they were told that Pete was in the hospital and that the show would have to be rescheduled.

Reports from outside the show are saying that many fans were crying, sure that Pete must have overdosed in order to wind up in the hospital. Other fans who except Pete to keep his heroin-loving act together just long enough to play “Fuck Forever”, were pissed. “Three young Italian girls were really mad. They drove four hours from Italy to see Pete Doherty and couldn’t believe the gig was canceled. One of them was really furious and shouted, ‘I can’t believe he did that! It cost us time and money to come all the way from Italy.'”

As of right now there’s no update on what happened to Pete and whether or not he’ll be back on his feet any time soon, but I’m sure that that resilient dude will be more than OK. Well, he’ll at least continue to live. For a little while.

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  • The band is actually just called Babyshambles, there’s no ‘The’.

    Journalistic accuracy?

  • They should change their name to Junkieshambles.

    The miracle is that this doesn’t happen more often. And sorry fans, but when you expect a junkie to behave responsibly, you’re just indulging your fantasy life.

    The only thing this guy is consistent about is getting high. I just wonder how his handlers manage to keep him alive.