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Have You Taken a Bieber Break Today?

Found some Justin Bieber pics from this month’s Seventeen magazine for your eyes to feast on. Don’t spoil your lunch.

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  • these photos are pretty silly, but i’m trying to think back to when i was a teenybopper and maybe this kid is getting a lot of crap for no good reason. he’s just doing his thing, really. corney as it may be. back when i was growing up, it was all about nkotb, the 2 coreys, debbie gibson. – all cheese fests, but now with the internet and twitter and all that sorta stuff, these teen celebs are just more exposed for their..teen-ness. can’t really judge as a 25-35 yo, and just let it ride out. shrug.

  • I want to slap a turd out of this little fucker and hold him down and shave his head. What a pompous little prissy prick.

  • Hold on for dear life Mother Fuckers, I’m back.
    I was hating this site for going to that shit format several weeks back, but I had to pop in and read what people were saying about so-Lohan and her crying because she has been treated better than every other drunk in America, and what did I find?, this killer new site. I’m loving it.

    Nice new photo Molls. You may not be, but at least now it looks like you’re off the weed.

  • i couldn’t care less about this kid. sorry. i’m just whining about the new site design. it’s really bad. distorted images, way too much going on – this site used to look nice and clean, now it looks like it looks like someone’s younger cousin’s best friend designed it. poorly laid out, and the “school locker theme” is really trite. the notebook/bulletin board thing is screaming ‘tween site’.

    can someone just let me know if evilbeet will now be geared towards, marketed for, and content driven for tweens? because i’m well past tween age and would rather just skip the trip.