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Jon Gosselin’s Still a Moron

Last week it was reported that Jon Gosselin had his new girlfriend, Ellen Ross’ name tattooed on his back. This week it’s being reported that Jon fucked up and her name is spelled wrong.

Jon has a huge dragon holding a scroll inked on his back and the names of his children have been tattooed on the scroll in Korean. Jon’s gesture to his new lady was to add her name on there too, but something got lost in translation and he wound up having the name “Aaron” tattooed on his back. Aaron. Like, the dude’s name.

What JonJon is going to do about this error is still up in the air. I suggest he either goes gay or has more kids, one of which he can name Aaron. I think admitting that the tattoo was a horrible, stupid mistake is too obvious, though.

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  • actually, in Korean there is only character for both “L” and “R” so “Aaron” and “Ellen” would have the same character for “r” and “ll” sound in English.

    There’s no away around it, Jon G. is a dumbfuck but he at least is defensible here.

  • Jesus, someone put a sock in his mouth. He looks like he’s having a seizure. Can anyone say raa raa retard?

  • All I can think of is, Deck the hars with bers of horry.. Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra. Tis the season to be jorry.. Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra…it gives me giggles..

  • Award for??? Biggest stereotyper? Best spelling of Deck the Halls sung in a stereotypical asian accent? Most random “A Christmas Story” reference? Tell, tell, tell!! I like winning…