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Guess Who’s Pregnant?

It’s actually kind of a trick question, because both of these ladies are pregnant. But Amy Poehler, that’s whatever, she already had a kid a while back, but Rachel Dratch, that’s where the story is.

Rachel Dratch is 44, the baby (her first) is due in September, and there’s no word yet on who the father is. My guess is that she went and got artificially knocked up before she lost that chance to menopause, and good for her. I absolutely love Rachel Dratch. She was definitely one of the funnier cast members of SNL, but unlike her costar Amy Poehler, she kind of tragically faded away after she left the show (ok, there were a few guest-starring roles, but I don’t care about Wizard of Waverly Place, and neither should you).  Even though this isn’t an acting gig or anything, I’m glad to see that she seems to be doing well.

How about you guys?  Rachel Dratch is awesome, right?

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  • I wonder of the applicator was in the shape of Jodie Foster’s knuckle? Damn, that man she’s with is ugly as sin.

  • Im really scared her baby´s gonna turn out to be the creature that kills us all by 2012

    • I loved that bit too! One of my favourite character’s on SNL. She was the offspring of Angelina Jolie and her brother.

  • Yeah,
    More and more single women are going the AI route!

    We dont need guys, just their sperm!

  • She has always looked like a shrew, her and the rest of the last decade of SNL have almost completely destroyed the show. There have been no good writters since the 90’s. The show wasn’t funny after Will Ferrel left, now even he is starting to really suckl, but she was never that great. Bloated washed-up nobody’s who do pp jokes because they can’t be funny are not news. No one stuck their penis in that…well maybe a conjugal prison visit program with paper bags. enjoy ;-p

  • ps: 30 rock blows dogs for quarters. how low must we set the bar? who is telling everybody this crap is funny? it’s just opinionated crap.