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7More Information About Tori Spelling’s Husband’s Penis Than I Care To Know

Ugh. Well, this is nothing like the Channing Tatum dick-burning incident of early 2010.

This weekend, Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott Tweeted that he was suffering some complications with the catheter that he has to use after getting in a biking accident. According to his Tweets, his catheter slipped out and tore a hole in the tip of his penis. The cut wound up giving him a fever that resulted in a trip to the hospital. OK, gross.

It’s not even that it’s TMI to talk about accidents involving your private parts. Like I said, this isn’t like when Channing Tatum messed up his junk with some burning water. Because Channing Tatum is hot and the thought of him having a penis doesn’t completely offend me. Dean, on the other hand, gives me a serious case of the willies (no pun intended), and to read the play-by-play on penis injury is truly disgusting.

Tori, how can you unleash him on us?

July 6, 2010 at 3:30 pm by Molls

7 Responses to “More Information About Tori Spelling’s Husband’s Penis Than I Care To Know”

  1. I was in a diabetic coma and they put on ‘o’ those in me. I WOKE UP FROM THE COMA when they did that, and I went back out of consciousness for another four days right after they were done with their very very evil deed. It ain’t fun.

    Yeah, fair enough, maybe he doesn’t need to publicly tweet it – Twitter is for wussies anyhow – but I promise you the act ain’t funny. They do it because if they don’t you could die. That’s the zeroth order explanation I suspect might strain your brain to comprehend.

    Maybe you need to try one on for size (or humililty).

    On the other hand, now that I’ve a) been in a multi-day coma, b) been catherized, c) survived a military coup in an Islamic thrid world nation, d) had guns pointed at my by the military of a third world Islamic dictatorship, (no kidding) e) smuggled booze into said third world country as a minor and effectively a “mule” (poor pajama doll!) f) damned near died in a plane crash (no kidding) g) had an airbag deployed during a car accident, h) survived an avalanche, i) survived a bomb scare on a plane, and j) had my life flash before my eyes during a car accident (different accident – driver took off on foot ’cause he though he’d killed me),
    I have a high “life experience” score. ha ha hah!

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