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I Interviewed Norm Macdonald on My Podcast This Week

Norm Macdonald on DotComBoom

Yo, so I still got that podcast with my hilarious friend Jordan Rubin (follow him on Twitter if you love laughing) and this week we put up an interview we did with former SNL cast member and seriously funny dude, Norm Macdonald.

I have been a fan of Norm’s work forever (this clip from Conan kills me. And his bit at Bob Saget’s roast. And his stand up is amazing.) and to get a chance to hear him talk about everything from his days on Saturday Night Live to his thoughts on Twitter and robots was a dream.

Check out the podcast on Tumblr or iTunes.

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  • I have mixed feelings listening to this. On the one hand, you have a very interesting guy in Norm MacDonald on your podcast. He has interesting things to say, and I want to hear him.
    On the other hand, you guys cut him off about a thousand times. Why the FUCK would you have Norm MacDonald on and FUCKING TALK OVER HIM THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME. Fuck off. Both of you.

  • Molls, you are letting yourself go. Also, STFU and let your guest speak. Damn attention whore.

  • That photo looks like something smuggled out of East Germany during the Cold War. Weird.

  • I just watched the Conan/McDonald video and found it interesting that Courtney Thorne-Smith is just Scott Wolff from Party of Five with a blonde wig. It's actually quite uncanny.

  • He’s probably one of the most underrated comics of all time. That gig on Saget’s roast is nothing short of brilliant. Plus, his Burt Reynolds spoof on SNL is always classic.

  • Norm looks like he barely wants to touch you, probably because you felt the interview would be far more interesting if it mostly consisted of you interrupting him like a kid who never learned table manners and he’s used to being interviewed by professional people who let their guest actually talk. Promote your crap somewhere else.

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  • Molls, you have a cute voice. I actually thought you didn’t talk enough and your friend Jordan never shut up…Love Norm though. And whats the deal with those two not liking food. I don’t get it.
    Anyway I’ll try to listen to a few more podcasts, it was short and enjoyable good for my commute.