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2Love It Or Leave It: Peaches Geldof’s Grunge-Rock Look

photo of a grungy-looking peaches geldof, daughter of rocker bob geldof

Ew, Peaches Geldof, go back to the early nineties and put your outfit (and hair) out of its misery. Gross.

Geldof, who was apparently cleaning up for her new boyfriend, Eli Roth, and trying to shed the bad publicity of her nasty, nasty drugged-out photo shoot with a red head pee-the-bed ex-boyfriend has come full circle.

She was looking pretty normal — and not all that bad! — for awhile, but the facade of cleanliness, much like the beginning stages of a new, exciting relationship, wears off eventually.

June 30, 2010 at 6:30 am by Sarah
Filed Under: Peaches Geldof

2 Responses to “Love It Or Leave It: Peaches Geldof’s Grunge-Rock Look”

  1. small1sh says:

    I love Peaches' look, well except that jacket.

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