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Jennifer Capriati’s Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Out About OD

picture of tennis star jennifer capriati carrying a big white purse

I’m not sure what’s more shocking: that Jennifer Capriati’s latest ex-boyfriend is a porn star, or that there’s actually a male porn star floating around out there by the name of “Dale DaBone.” Oh, yeah, or that a tennis superstar actually considered dating a person with the last name of “DaBone.” Or the first name of “Dale.” Appalled all over the place.

Anyway, DaBone (oh, Christ) spoke to TMZ, stating that he had ideas as to why Capriati overdosed and ended up in the hospital. DaBone claims that televised tennis matches (i.e., Wimbledon) always depress the former tennis phenom, and that the latest hum surrounding the matches could have pushed her over the edge. DaBone also claims that he’d recently spoken to her about the fact that he’d be making another porno, and claimed that the news sent her into hysterics. So that might have set her off, too.

However, DaBone completely negates his statements by saying that he doesn’t believe Capriati would intentionally take her own life, anyway. So. I guess that’s that.

If I were Capriati, I’d be completely mortified that the public knows I dated a douche by the name of Dale DaBone, because come on. DaBone? Like, you know, debone? It makes me think of a floppy-assed piece of chicken and man, when you’re in the porn industry, the last thing you want people associating with your name — or wee willy whippersnapper — is the word “floppy.”

Crawl back into your some hole, Dale.