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Will.I.Am Doesn’t Want You to Worry

A photo of Will.I.Am and Fergie

There have been rumors going around that Fergie is planning on leaving the Black Eyed Peas because she wants to have a baby, and also because Will.I.Am is some kind of egotistical douchebag (shocker!).  While Fergie hasn’t said anything about those rumors, Will.I.Am has decided to comment on them via Twitter:

Don’t belive gossip about fergie leaving the group (we are never breaking up) its all lies!!!

That’s a bold statement, “never breaking up.”  I would love to see a bunch of geriatrics hobbling around on stage singing about lovely lady lumps.  I would love nothing more than that.

But seriously, Fergie needs to get out while she can.  She could release solo albums every once in a while and avoid Will.I.Am altogether, who would probably just self-destruct in a really public way after that.  I’m not a big fan of Fergie or the Black Eyed Peas as musicians, but I would much rather listen to Fergie hilariously misspell words than that “Boom Boom Pow” shit.  Please, Fergie, do yourself and the world a favor and really be planning on quitting the Black Eyed Peas.

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  • It was in “Fergalicious.” To be fair, it was Will.I.Am's part, but they spelled the word “tasty” with an e thrown in there.

  • I still wonder if she spelled The Dutchess with a t because she thought it was clever or because she's a dumdum?

  • may be an ass (most certainly) but he's a great producer. he produced fergie's solo album for the record. basically he's created fergie as a solo artist, and the BEP.
    Sure, if fergie leaves, the BEP are done. they're a simbiosis