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A photo of Megan Fox

“I’m totally aware that I’ve never given anyone a reason to praise me for my acting talents. So to sit here and complain, ‘Why don’t people recognize me as an actress?’ would be outrageous. It’s my responsibility to prove that they should.”

– Megan Fox, speaking the truth.

I really can’t hate on too much her for this.  It sounds like she has a pretty strong grasp on what her situation is and what she needs to do to fix it.  I mean, she’s had a few chances, and if it’s her responsibility to make people recognize her as an actress, then I’m not sure why she hasn’t done that yet.  What was Transformers, just a chance to be pretty and hang out with Shia LaBeouf?  If you’re working as an actor but you acknowledge you’ve never “given anyone a reason to praise” your acting, then what are you even doing out there, Megs?

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