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OK, Some Seriously Sad Shit is Going Down With That Fatty From Party of Five

Jeremy London and Wife Melissa Lose Custody of Their Son Lryic

Last week I reported that Jeremy London, who recently announced his battle with cheating and drug addiction, was the victim of the most hilarious kidnapping since Frank Sinatra, Jr. Well, shit just got a lot worse. Like, way worse. As in, Jeremy and his wife Melissa have lost custody of their son, Lyric.

Turns out that Jeremy isn’t the only drug addict in the family. After Melissa underwent surgery last year, she became addicted to popping pills. That probably has something to do with why she crashed her car into a 7-11 last week while her son was in the backseat, huh?

And according to RadarOnline, these two have been having serious issues for quite some time now:

And domestic violence between Jeremy and Melissa contributed to their previous problems but both are working to get custody of their son back.

Jeremy and Melissa’s contentious relationship is played out against the reality that they both have very little money. She is renting a room in a house in Palm Springs, learned.

After she rented the room and told people she was estranged from Jeremy, he began showing up and hanging out.

One source who has seen Jeremy at the house asked him why he was hanging around if Melissa was his ex. Jeremy said: “I’ve got to keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn’t relapse.”

But another source says Melissa has said: “I don’t have a problem. Jeremy has problems.”

The couple are going to have to submit regular clean urine samples before they get their son back any time soon. Let’s hope that they’re able to get help before this little boy’s adult years are filled with memories of his fucked up parents.

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  • Oh, come on! Jeremy and his wife were scoring drugs in the neighborhood looking for drugs. They met a few men who could think that Jeremy and his wife were "narcs" and asked him to show that smoking is not.
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  • This is a sad story, but that headline is hilarious. Personally, I think they should have lost custody the minute they named their male child Lyric.