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Is Jason Trawick Stupid Enough to Cheat on Britney Spears?

photo of britney spears and boyfriend jason trawick

Star magazine seems to think so, but rumors have been churning through other media outlets, too. Star “exclusively” reports that Britney’s former caretaker-assistant-cum-boyfriend has a wandering eye, with a meandering penis to match:

“Jason has been cheating on Britney with [actress] Jessica [Steindorff] from the beginning of their relationship,” said one insider. “He has deceived Britney with his lies for too long, and somebody needs to tell her the truth, even if it hurts. He was always telling Jessica that he had broken up with Britney so it was OK that they were sleeping together.”

So, do you really think — despite how hard it might be to “handle” Ms. Spears at given points in time — Trawick would be dumb enough to screw around on such a revered international superstar? Though, you know, it might be kind of tough to put up with some intermittent craziness and down-home, uh, practices, Trawick would probably be best suited to stick with Brit, don’t you think? And in spite of her craziness, who wouldn’t want to hit that, just based on what she used to be like during her Justin Timberbumpin’ days? She’s a living legend; it was probably similar to when the Hanson boys got married to their “fans.” All three of them, I believe, met their significant others through various concert venues and all of the wives were hardcore fans or whatever, so I guess it’s kind of similar, right?

The Hanson brothers, past their tween prime, realized that it was as probably as good as it was going to get and that they may as well just latch on to the hottest fans they could, before they started to outgrow them, right? Their girls, who were probably stoked to be hooking up with the Hansons, are probably looking back fondly on those early days (even before they met and married), thinking back on what huge stars their husbands used to be. Whether or not their former star power will continue to be a lifelong appeal will remain to be seen, but I think that’s probably where Jason Trawick is right now.

And he’d be effing stupid to give that kind of notoriety up.

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      • I maintain that you can be an adult and a Hanson fan and not crazed. (also they’re on tour right now and have another new cd) aaaaaand now I’m off to go hide.

  • Its interesting how you describe a lip-syncing, no talent tart as a “a revered international superstar”. In the absence of greatness, mediocrity usurps the role.

  • Jcsitecomments@She does lip-synch, but she can sing live. She's done it in the past. Don't know why she doesn't now, but to say she has no talent means you probably just don't like her. She's the only female to have her first 4 albums(and now her 6th) debut at number 1 and she is the biggest selling female of the 21st century. She IS an international pop superstar whether you like her or not. If it's so easy to do what she does, why doesn't someone else do it?