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Bar Refaeli Celebrates Her 25th Birthday With Leo

photo of bar refaeli at a basketball game laughing

I can’t believe this chick is only 25. I mean, I’m only 26 (27 on Sunday!), but she just seems so much more sophisticated and cultured than I, at the ripe-old age of 26, could ever imagine to be. It must be that whole dating-international-superstar-Leonardo-DiCaprio thing or that little fact that she probably makes more loot in one year than I have in my entire life. Who knows. She seems to be a cool chick, and she’s amazing-looking to boot. This is one of those girls that you’d totally love to hate, but I just can’t.

The two celebrated Bar’s birthday this past week at the newly-launched Boudoir nightclub and enjoyed dinner with some friends at nearby restaurant, STK. They supposedly had a good time, and no crotch or boobage appeared, because that’s not the breed of people we’re dealing with in this post. Sorry!

Oh, and also, DiCaprio’s latest box-office flick, Shutter Island comes to DVD and On Demand channels today. I didn’t see it in theaters, because I’m lazy and because I live at the beach, movies tickets are, like, forty bucks a pop or something — and as mentioned above, I don’t make a ton of loot a year like babelicious Bar does. So needless to say, I didn’t see it. I will, however, be watching it tonight in full force.

I did, however, receive an early birthday present last night from my husband: the first season of my favorite fucking show ever, 24, and we watched it for four hours straight (losers!), but I think I’m going to have to take a break from the carnage and international threats to check out Shutter Island anyway. This means good things for everyone involved, except for my electric bill. Because I thoroughly intend to make up for lost 24 time today by hanging out in the house like a bat and seeing if I can make my eyes bleed at the sheer magnitude that is subjection to Jack Bauer for over six hours straight.

Will you be watching Shutter Island tonight? Have you seen it? Is it awesome? And yeah, please don’t ruin it for me with crazy plot reveals in the comments, or so help me God, I’ll just kill myself.

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  • Shutter Island is very awesome. But I knew that before I saw the movie b/c I read the book by the amazing Dennis Lehane. Suck it Nicolas Sparks.

  • Happy 27th Sarah. Now might be a good time to drop all the “dudes” from your writing. That and all the fucks, I’d do her etc hardly make you sound sophisticated and cultured and hey, you’re not a 14 year old boy anymore.

    Thought Shutter Island was dissappointing, not very scary., but hope you like it.

    • Can I just “ditto” your post? Sarah, I know you write for a gossip blog but your choice of words is very off-putting.

  • hell no, watching the dennis hopper tribute on TCM. no shutter island for me, ever. i prefer to remember a dicaprio less scorsese making good films. the bad run started around casino and i’m ashamed of what’s come after.

  • That means good things for everyone, except for my electric bill. Because I have the intention of catching up today 24 hanging around the house like a bat and see if I can make my eyes bleed to the extent that the request is for more than six hours Jack Bauer.
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