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This Is Not a Cute Look

Amy Winehouse: Slob Kebob

Following Amy Winehouse’s condition is similar to riding a rollercoaster or dating an abusive dude. Just when you think the ride is going smoothly, you forget to get his frozen corn at the supermarket and the next thing you know you’re vomiting in front of a turnstile wondering why you paid 60 dollars to do this all day. You know? It’s just like that. I mean, I thought Winehouse was shaping up, but these pictures of her leaving a London pub say otherwise. And honey? Your implants are showing.

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  • Uniboob is right! However, if it were a perfect world, women would have 3 boobs. The 3rd would be on the back between the shoulderblades, it would come in handy while slow dancing!

  • I think her breast implant is very sensibly trying to make a break for it.
    I’d bust (pun intended) out of that body too, ASAP.

    It’s been years since she looked good (see the video of “F– Me Pumps” – she actually looks healthy and has no tattoos). This has got to be as bad as the blood-between-the-toes look the day after she and Blake F*****g-Uncivilized had a fight in a hotel over her drug usage.

    Could this “normal bloke” Reg Traviss who she’s dating now actually clean her up? Seems like a long shot, but I’d like to hear some good music from her before she smokes her voice into oblivion and/or drinks herself into an early grave. Common on, Reg – work your “normal” magic on her.