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Rue McClanahan Passes Away

A photo of Rue McClanahan

Rue McClanahan, 76, died early this morning after suffering a massive stroke.  Her manager told People that she “had her family with her. She went in peace.”

Rue started out in theatre in the 1950’s, and she continued to act on stage throughout her career; most recently, she was in Broadway’s hit Wicked. However, her most famous roles were on television.  She was in the amazing Mama’s Family and Maude, not to mention her outstanding work in Golden Girls. When you think of great actors, Rue McClanahan might not immediately come to mind, but she (along with all the Golden Girls) had a lot of talent, and comedic timing like nobody’s business.  She’ll definitely be missed.

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  • She was a joy to watch. Thanks for the years of entertainment!

    On antother note: What goes on here? Are we to lose a famous actor or actress once or twice a week? This is going to be one long, horrible summer if this trend continues.

  • And to think that just a few months ago, when Rue had her first stroke, Betty White said to her “I hope you die so I can be the last golden girl!”… looks like she got her wish.

    Farewell, slut puppy. :(

    • oh! snap! i forgot about that. lol. that sucks. i mean, she was just joking and everyone knew that. good fun and all. but still. damn. lol.

      • Probably because Betty was a dear friend and dear friends bust each others balls.

    • Yeah, I though she was that Maude chick, or Wheezy, or Florida. Ooh, ooh aunt Ester?

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        This site is not fun anymore. It is simply petty, useless and pathetic. Keep licking EBD’s balls. Obviously, he is the only kind of reader you want….no intelligent discussion, no lively exchange of ideas and thoughts about stupid celebrities. I guess stupid celebrities deserve stupid half wit discussion. Or so it seems. So sad. The last good post was by Beet about Kendra as I recall. So goddamn smart and so goddamn worthwhile. Too bad that good writing is now the exception. Too bad.

        Hold the door for me, Anonymous. I’m leaving and not looking back.

      • Amen. I come back here a couple times a week when I used to come here several times a day. It is like when your favorite restaurant gets a new chef…one who can’t cook. Then on top of it all, they don’t keep out assholes and children who don’t know any better which ruins the experience for the rest.

      • Mom!?! Can we go to the restaurant with the assholes and children and the new chef who can’t cook?

  • So depressing. Had a moment of silence for her today. And then started talking in a fake southern accent. In memory :(

    • If we’re gonna do this properly – inhale a whole cheesecake, then bang the cable guy… I mean “entertain a gentleman caller”. :)

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  • This makes me sad. I’m gonna go and watch some Golden Girls now – Rue was amazing as Blanche – no-one else could be so slutty while wearing a caftan. God bless her.

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