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Help Me Understand You, Lance Bass

A photo of Lance Bass

Lance Bass recently posted these photos on his Facebook, taken at a recent photo shoot by Mike Ruiz.  And I don’t get it.

Ok, Nsync has been over for years, so it’s not like he’s trying to break away from that wholesome image.  He came out a few years ago, so it’s not really like a cheeky “fuck all y’all, I rock makeup too, go ahead and suck it.”  And he never went to space like he wanted to.  I don’t know how that’s immediately relevant, it just always disappointed me.

I’m not trying to judge you, Lance Bass.  I mean, whatever you want to do, that’s cool, I’ll support you.  You wanna wear makeup and weird eyebrows and hair that doesn’t make you look like a frat boy from the late 90’s, that’s cool.  It doesn’t matter, because I recognize that it’s just about respect, and you get me hyped and you do it to me every time (this is an ok demographic to quote Nsync lyrics to, right?).

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  • lance bass does adam lambert? maybe they are just for the shoot and not really his new image. ugh, why does everyone in music need to be such a gaudy gimick nowadays?

  • Someone seems very jealous of Adam Lambert’s look…the answer to that mystifies me, but whatever!

  • I think he looks good. If people are going to drool over every stupid recycled thing Lady GaGa does, then why can’t Lance Bass channel his inner Bowie?

    • I disagree: not with what you said at all, really, as I concur. I just think he’s more Lambert than Bowie. *g* Bowie was always bright colors and awesomeness, but he never really did the glam-goth thing (though: how awesome would THAT have been? Pretty damned awesome *g*).

    • I was unsure at first, but have decided that, nah, I’m with you.
      Pretty ace, Lance.

  • In the first pic, he looks like a girl. In the pics of him wearing the suit, he looks like a goth/emo version of Guy Smiley. That said, I’ve always been sttracted to guys who dress like this as well. I think he looks way sexy. Give him some extentions and he’s not too far from that uber hottie, Graverobber.

  • OK, Lance Bass aside… I use Tide right now for my laundry, but i swear I will STOP buying it just because of how fucking annoying that ad that goes on top of every fucking picture I try to view is! Seriously Beet? What’s the point of even posting pictures if your ads are covering them? At least have the option to close it! But NOOOO!!!! The Tide ad must be viewed in its fullness!

    OK. Rant over.

    • If you use Chrome or Firefox, there are actually some pretty sweet extensions to block ads… I go to a few sites that are ad heavy, which always annoyed me? And I finally had enough and looked into them.
      I don’t use Firefox anymore (it runs slow as crud in general for me), but I believe the add-on is called “Ad-Blocker”, and it worked well for me when I had it and used it.
      On Chrome, you can get an extension called AdThwart (I’m sure there are more, now, though)— I only read the site for Em’s posts, not gonna lie, but I don’t see any ads at all, which is great considering how annoying they are when I peek to see what she wrote while I’m on lunch at work and am bombarded with ads.
      Just figured I’d point it out, as I had ad woes forever, and then found those, so I figure maybe not everyone knows about them?

  • Boy George crossed with Freddy Mercury as vampire wanna-be. Oh, well, I guess he’s just tired of looking wholesome and sweet.

  • only time ive taken a second look at him. im thinking he’s a little hottie like this. i dont automatically jump to adam lambert resemblances though…i think that guy is hideously horrific. lance,however, cuuute!

  • Just another confused fag trying to simultaneously look like his mother and his father.