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Lindsay Lohan + Chanel Stickers = Total Class and Stuff

photo of lindsay lohan's twitter page

And she implores Chanel’s marketing department (through Twitter!) to hook a sister up with some high-class Chanel stickers so she can decorate her SCRAM bracelet. Stickers. Really. So classy, Linds. So, unbelievably classy.

First of all, how would you even want to go out clubbing wearing that damned thing? Embarrassing much? I mean, you know, shit happens and people all over the fucking world get in trouble for drug and alcohol-related infractions and a lot have to own up to their bad decisions, but most who take themselves seriously don’t laugh in the face of imminent doom and public demise.

It’s just a blatant mockery of the system. Going out and hitting up the clubs, even though you’re “not drinking,” is like spitting in the face of justice. You don’t see Joe Schmoe from down the block heading to the nearest pub while he’s rocking the SCRAM. Or maybe you do, and that’s why it’s supposed to be all levels of acceptable, but it’s kind of sad, actually.

So, yeah, Chanel. Here’s a photo of your girl’s SCRAM bracelet. Check it out, see what you can do, bedazzle it with some crazy high-class fucking adhesive paper. Placate the drug-addled alkie and send her some stickers. It’s the least you could do for such an icon, such a public and prominent face of our times.


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  • While I agree that it is shameful that she is going out and appears to be “mocking” justice, she may be under contract to make public appearances at these clubs. Some celebrities get over $100,000+ for a single night out. This may be a contractual obligation. She is, after all, the consummate party girl.

  • Oh, Chanel’s just been waiting for a chance to promote through SCRAM – today’s fashion statement for alcoholics everywhere!

  • I am beginning to wonder if Lindsay might not be the slobbering addict we all assume. Remember when she voluntarily wore that SCRAM device a couple years ago to prove a point? Maybe she just enjoys getting f*cked up to the max and doesn’t “need” to get f*cked up to the max. I say this because I know an alcholic that got caught, did the AA stuff, the state required classes stuff and drank cans upon cans of soda instead of beer for about a year. Legal mess over….back to drunk every night. Sad but true. I’m no expert so I don’t know what they call it when you are an addict but you can stop your addiction at will for however long is necessary. And all I can say is just don’t bloody get behind the wheel of a car or raise children. Don’t drag an innocent person into your Hell. Don’t hurt anybody else.

    • We call it an alcoholic. You said your friend returned to getting drunk every night? Well then, we (I say we, because I am an alcoholic, in recovery), would call your friend an alcoholic. Many alcoholics can stop for a while, if necessary, but self-will only lasts so long when it comes to addiction, and eventually most people do return to their old ways, if they do not continue to follow the AA program.

  • If you tamper with that SCRAM bracelet in any way you get in big trouble and maybe arrested, tossed in Jail. Karl don’t get involved with this loser.

  • I’m mostly bothered that someone thinks they can rock high-waisted shorts! You can’t. They’re fugly and fattering. Not flattering!

  • Actually, for the Chanel Spring 2008 Ready-to-wear collection, which was the last time Lilo was wearing an ankle bracelet I think, Lagerfeld sent down 11 ankle bracelets that looked very much like SCRAM bracelets for his Nuits d’Ete/Villas Americas/Party Girl-themed collection.

  • I spend way too much time in craft stores. My first thought was what I could do with a glue gun and some Swarovski crystals.