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Wanna See an Exclusive Clip of the Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape?

Kendra Wilkinson on Red Carpet for "A Nightmare on Elm Street" Premiere

Fantastic. You’re the kind of reader we appreciate around here.

We don’t have it. But it’s on Drunken Stepfather. IT IS TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Did you read that sentence carefully? YOU SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS IN AN OFFICE WHERE ANYONE — including bosses, small children, pets or old ladies — MIGHT WALK BY YOUR DESK. To be very, extra, super clear: It is a clip of Kendra Wilkinson giving a blow job. Watch it here.

A few comments:

1) Kendra’s original tits are adorable! She didn’t need a boob job. I think small, perky tits like that are so freakin’ cute, and I’m bitter that I got these giant honkers that can’t manage to look anything but hyper-sexual in a tank top. (To be fair — I liked them just fine when I was 18.)

2) This guy’s underwear is probably what inspired Borat’s look.

3) If I’m a hot piece of 18-year-old ass giving head to some gross hairy dude while he films it, and he can’t even get himself fully hard for the experience, I am leaving and I am taking the tape and my dignity with me.

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  • Yeah, perky is exactly what Kendra was, very cute. As for your giant honkers, they’re real and just as hot because they’re natural.

    Unless you’re Christina Applegate fake tits = loser!

    • I get what you’re saying but Christina Applegate has fake boobs because she had hers removed to either avoid breast cancer or because she had breast cancer (I forget which). So I think that’s a little different than just getting fake boobs for the sake of having bigger boobs.

  • Damn, I hate my giant hypersexual honkers too … :( And that guy? Ridiculous… I mean come on… she is kinda making an effort here. :D

  • You guys? Christina fricking had breast cancer. Leave her alone! I hate my giant tits too and I went to the doctor last week for a reduction — I am getting one next month and I absolutely can’t wait.

  • That the down side to being a whore – every once in a while you have to blow your pimp.

  • good morning sex tape?

    she’s really cute, till she starts laughing, oh god, that laugh makes me cringe.

  • i love sex but this clip just makes me wanna VOM : /
    must be all that happy trail hair takin’ up the shot HEY MAN SHAVE THAT SHIT

  • yeah same here dude, i only see the first 30 seconds. this sex tape blows i tried to find the kim one but nothing.

  • D: that was horrific. i wonder how long it took for her to pick all the hair out of her teeth…

  • um, no thanks beet. i’m not into watching barely legal skanks blow apparently older and hairy dudes. actually, i’m not into watching others have sex. everyone who watched this clip is fucked up.

    • hey eline, you and i can enjoy the knowledge that we spared our brains the memory of watching something that in every way makes willing shameless voyeurs out of a huge part of society and they don’t even realize it.

      How weird is it that human beings have the desire to watch a video of this girl giving a blow job? suddenly everyone starts acting like 2 year old’s unable to control themselves as they race to the link with no thought as to WHY they need/want to see it.

      call me a superior bitch on a high horse, or any other names, I will only take it as a compliment knowing the type of person calling me this and watching that video will only validate my superior high horse opinions on people such as themselves.

      • Says the woman who came on to comment on a gossip site to tell everyone how “fucked up” they are by watching it. You sure are using a lot of your super awesome insults on something that you deem too good for your precious eyes to see.

        And I reiterate: douchewad.

  • I am so disappointed in Kendra she has such a cute and sweet face I wanted to believe she was innocent in spite of all that playboy stuff. I wouldnt think that since she got married she would sell her sex tape. Poor Hank. I bet his mother is telling him that she was right about that hoochie.