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In Other News …

Celebrity Apprentice Rod Blagojevic is back to work. [Betty Confidential]

McLovin wants to bang Dina Lohan … I may hurl. [Celebslam]

Why bullfighting should be banned. I warn you; it’s extremely unsettling and graphic and gross. But I had to share, anyway. [popbytes]

If you could replace American Idol‘s Simon Cowell with any fictional character, who would it be? [Pajiba]

The Sun claims that there’s going to be some different, undeniably hot, vapid chick replacing Megan Fox in the new Transformers movie. I highly doubt it; Katie Cassidy is, like, the shit. [Celebitchy]

Chris Noth gets a little ass-grabby on the red carpet. [Amy Grindhouse]

Name that pink bikini-clad skinny ass. [CityRag]

Did Kim Kardashian have major Botox, or what? [Pop on the Pop]

Carol Bartz slams Michael Arrington, telling him to “fuck off” during a live, televised interview. [Zelda Lily]

Wanna watch the teaser for the latest Kylie Minogue video? [OMG Blog]

Aww, Lindsay Lohan’s court-monitored jewelry rears its tacky little head. [Celebrity Smack Blog]

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  • This is actually a moo-jitsu (cow jujitsu) move known as the El Toro choke.

    Anyone stupid enough to get in the ring with a bull, and actually try to kill it (as in bullfighting) deserves this x1000

  • KK has has so much done and of course Squeeky lies about it, that new nose is so obv. Her make up people are needed because she airbrushes her foundation on her whole face and body, no other reson that they have to travel with her.

  • I don’t believe for one minute that KK is insecure and not confident, i think she is playing the whole “i’m just like everyone else so now you can relate to me and it makes me seem humble” crap.

    she is lying.