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Mariah Carey: Pregnant, Undergoing Hormone Treatment or Just Flat-Out Flubby?

photo of mariah carey in white bathing suit

Rumors are swirling lately over Mariah Carey’s sudden weight gain and many are claiming that she’s either a) pregnant, or b) taking on fertility treatments in order to get pregnant. I’m just thinking that she’s gotten fat, me.

The National Enquirer states that Carey’s blown up because she and husband, Nicky Cannon, are trying to have a child, but her 41 year-old body isn’t responding well to traditional methods:

MARIAH CAREY has secretly resumed fertility treatments in a desperate bid to become a mom, The ENQUIRER has learned. AND that’s the REAL reason the Grammy-winning diva’s weight has soared!

“She’s packed on a lot of weight, but it’s related to the fertility drugs she’s taking,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER. “In fact, she may already be pregnant.”

The 41-year-old singer was beaming after visiting the Southern California Reproductive Center, a top fertility clinic in Beverly Hills, on Mother’s Day with hubby Nick Cannon, 29. Mariah had unsuccessfully sought in vitro treatment at the clinic last year, the source says.

“She’s going to be able to have a baby.”

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not hating on the girl because she’s gained some weight (’cause she so totally has). She looks pretty damned good for her age, but recent photos of Jennifer Aniston, who’s around the same age, would say otherwise. So, okay. She’d look pretty damned good for her age if she were my cousin Selma. ‘Cause Selma’s 41, too, and looks nothing like Mariah Carey.

More photos of Mariah Carey’s yo-yoing weight in the gallery below.

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  • Really??? She looks good for any 41 year old woman. Sorry she is not anorexic or has decided to starve herself. Jennifer Aniston does look fantastic. Two different women, two different body types.

    Great job in the fight to keep women hating their bodies. Good Lord don’t you have anything else to write about?

    • Leave Good Lord out of this. He could write better shit than this in his fucking sleep.

    • When anonymous women write about another woman not being anorexic and how it looks great, it means they are fat-fingered, flabbies with stretch marks and husbands who lost interest years ago.

    • I think Jennifer Aniston has to keep that body in top shape bc she doesnt have the nicest face in hollywood. The same can be said for SJP.

  • How could anyone possibly say she is fat. This crazy anorexic style living that the media publicise is cruel to women.

    Go M.C.

  • I second Jolee and Jen. This is so hypocritical. On EvilBeet, you contribute to the incessant body scrutiny and bodily comparisons and then still write for a website that features articles both deploring media that sets unreasonable body standards for women and exploring the horrors of eating disorders that often result from the attitudes they help women develop. DO YOUR PART. Stop encouraging this shit.

    • i disagree. just because a woman says that another woman (or man) has gained weight gives no credence to purporting the idea of bad body image. mariah carey obviously has put on weight. you’d have to be a fucking moron not to see that. so sarah called her out on it, like many people will and have, so fucking what? no one’s saying that she’s a disgusting beast, they’re just saying that she HAS PUT WEIGHT ON from her 90’s ‘fantasy’ days.

      • Actually she’s not just stating fact. Titling this post “pregnant, undergoing hormone treatment or FLAT-OUT FLUBBY” sounds pretty judgmental to me.

      • But it’s not a passing comment that Mariah has gained weight. “Flubby” condemnations aside, the author linked to a picture of Jennifer Aniston in the same exact article with the implication that her body looked much better for 40 years old. She encouraged the comparison and ranking of these bodies and implied that Jennifer came out ahead because she is thinner.

    • In Beet’s own words she has admitted she can no longer stomach tearing celebrities to shreds and is now focused on other projects- the irony is that she is fine hiring other people to do what she felt was wrong. I would think if she now feels so strongly about it she would just abandon evil beet and the profits it makes her. Maybe that is why the zelda lily and the evil beet do not compliment one another. It also points out why having one author write distinctively for two entirely different sites may begin to splinter the message of both.

      (Sasha in her words)
      Building a Brand That Turned On Me
      “I’ve run that website for four years now, adding other women-focused sites to my portfolio in the process. I built a brand around myself, around the persona I’d created, complete with fans (and a healthy number of full-time haters) who arrived daily to get their dose of schadenfreude from both the lives of celebrities and my own life, a life I’d become known for documenting on my blog so unabashedly.

      I’d become the story as much as I covered the story.

      That worked well until it didn’t. It worked until I was tired of being the story, tired of readers demanding I stay true to a persona I’d outgrown years ago, and I suddenly felt a lot of compassion for the celebrities I’d been tearing to shreds for a living.

      “People write about me like I’m not real,” I told my mom, frustrated and upset. “Like they don’t realize there’s an actual human being behind the brand.”

      “Sweetie,” she said. “You’ve been doing that to people for years. What did you expect?”

      Karma’s a bitch (but, trust me, she’s got nothing on Nicole Richie – ZING!).

      I wanted it to be over. I hired writers. I turned down TV appearances and freelance opportunities that were gossip-related. I walked away. I let the whole thing run on autopilot. I needed to recharge, to recover……”

      • God, you are using up all the words. Save some for the other kids – word hog.

      • haha…you know what?
        i agree, i am being a word hog.

        you know that you can sometimes be a comment hog though.

  • I really don’t think she is fat, she looks normal to me. If she has gained weight, it is probably because she has been eating a normal diet than the two carrot sticks a day Jennifer Aniston probably has. Also, totally agree with previous posts about you also writing for Zelda Lily.

  • Sorry, but when I look at that top photo of her in the white bathing suit, I don’t see a fat person or one who looks pregnant. She’s always been kind of big-boned and healthy, and there’s really nothing wrong with that.

  • That’s what a picture looks like of a woman NOT photo shopped all to hell. One armed beauty.

  • I resent that Zelda Lily removed a comment I made on its current article about the trend of airbrushing models to look more healthy and how posting such an article on the same day as THIS ONE is hypocritical. Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s right to complain about something you then turn around and do yourself (you being these entire websites, not the individual authors, obviously). In this article, it seems that Evil Beet is perpetuating the idea that a photoshopped version of Mariah Carey (thinned out a bit, so she could be closer to Jennifer Aniston’s level of “looking good for her age”) would be preferable to her actual body.

    If you’re not going to come out with a statement that you’re going to stop putting up damaging posts such as these that counteract the “love your body, stop the damaging messaging” posts that are published on Zelda Lily, at least have the integrity not to silence my points.

    • Has it actually been removed? If you’re a first-time commenter on ZL the comment won’t show up straight away, not until it has been verified it’s not spam. Once your e-mail has been validated you can post all you want… Just asking! And I think you’re right :)

    • We do not remove any comments on any sites. That’s been stated as creed time and time again. I see your comment on ZL. I saw your comment on ZL. And guess what … it’s still there.

      • Well thank you for restoring it, then. It did disappear for while.

        Now that I know that, as good bloggers, the editors do pay attention to commenters, however…. how about a statement from the editors of Zelda Lily and Evil Beet either defending how posts such as these don’t counteract the damaging messaging Zelda Lily deplores or a statement that the editors will refrain from similar posts in the future??

        I’m obviously not the only one who noticed this disparity. If you exercise your right to continue it, as a dedicated supporter of both of your blogs, I feel I’m at least due an explanation.

  • man sarah,

    why do you have to be so lame!

    Mariah looks glowing, voluptuous and gorgeous.

    Aniston looks like she has been hungry for a decade and spends all her free time drinking bottled water and working out.
    not to mention you guys repeatably talk about how unhappy she seems.

    Also, they are TWO DIFFERENT WOMEN!

    My normal is entirely different than my sister’s normal…all of us eat healthy and exercise but nothing make us the same shape.

    MARIAH IS NOT FAT….how can you author zelda lily and then propagate views like this and be so contradictory?
    In this post you insulted women and the confidence that so many of us work to build despite seeing pictures of countless celebrities and models like aniston who have what most of society would consider abnormal and unrealistic.

  • I think she looks very good!! And that picture of her backside is probably hotter than any you can take of Aniston.

  • She is heavy, and a little flabby, but well within “I would love to tap that” standards.

  • some of those photos are really old. but she’s always yo=yo-ed. hormones do make you gain weight, though. maybe not her excuse before, but now i bet she is trying to get pregnant.

  • that’s just a body bitch!
    We all have our probs- she just happens to have stopped working out for a couple days, maybe ate pasta.