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LOLhan Leaves Cannes For Real

These photos of Lindsay Lohan saying goodbye to her Cannes friends on a yacht this morning are hysterical to me for some reason. The girl has a warrant out for her arrest, she’s passportless, and she’s waking up on a yacht in France all haggard-looking. If either one of those things happened to me I’d probably be hysterical and afriad to be alive but Lohan’s doing the whole, “OMG! It was soooo good seeing you!” thing with her friends and giving her driver a “Hold the fuck on, I’m coming!” look. Lohan. I love her.

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  • I mean seriously people whatever she does or doesn’t do does not affect us whatsoever in any way shape or form. A lot of people want to hate on her for having money or for whatever reason but i applaud her the queen has a warrant out and pays for it and gets to party in cannes i bet it was on someone else’s money too. You have to love her. And you know she is not going to jail period.

    • she’s not hated because she’s rich, famous and beautiful. She’s in a debt, taking straight to DVD roles and, well, beauty is subjective. She’s hated because she lives a wreckless life and our legal system refuses to hold her accountable for it. It just makes everyone else doubt that the system works.

    • Are you serious?????????? You act like she’s the first rich person to avoid jail or to get special treatment. Posting bail to void an arrest warrant is not something only rich people can do, you stupid jackass. Her coked ass will end up in jail…she’s just begging for it. What a fucking train wreck.

  • I love how when you click on the photos, all the commercial ordering information is in there with the summary of events provided by the photo agency.