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Joe Jonas Does it By Himself

joe jonas performs onstage

… And with his ever-present purity ring, would you expect it any other way?

Yeah. Anyway. Joe Jonas claims that he’s going to release a solo album, so it looks like the days of the JoBros are quickly coming to a close:

“There’s nothing to hide. We’re just waiting for the right timing. There’s a lot of Jonas stuff going on this year, so once there’s a place for that record, we’ll release it. You’ll hear a lot of new music from us.”

See, when I was a much younger girl, I loved Hanson. I mean, I fucking loved Hanson. I was one of those pathetic little fangirls that’d get all crazy when I saw televised appearances of the flaxen-haired singing trio and I’d cry if I’d see them in person (which I did, many, many times). I was sick; it was a sickness. I went to their concerts, made scrapbooks of news articles that I had clipped from magazines and played their music, like, incessantly. It was bad, and it’s embarrassing now, but I can really feel for the girls who are so wrapped on the Jonas thing — it’d be like Isaac (yeah, my totally favorite dorky-assed Hanson that I so would have married at the age of thirteen) announcing that he was leaving the band back in 1995 or whatever. I’d have been devastated, so I totally feel you kids of today’s world. I feel you.

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  • EEEE! I was totally that same hanson-obsessed girl as you! Taped every tv appearance, walls covered in posters, home made t-shirts exclaiming my love for taylor… wow, it is kinda embarrassing, but now we know there are others! maybe we should form a support group.. lol!

  • Admittedly I know absolutely nothing about Hanson, but I do know the meaning of the word “flaxen” and it means a soft blond color, not nearly black.

    So, did these icky brothers used to be blond?

    • She means the Hanson kids, not the JoBros.
      Taylor, Taylor how embarrassingly smitten I was with him.
      I’m so over him – I’m into Bieber now!
      (I kid.)