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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Are Fighting Over Their Daughter

Photo of halle berry pushing daughter nahla in stroller as dad gabriel aubry walks by

Though their “mutual” split was said to be “amicable,” sources at RadarOnline claim that a custody battle for Berry and Aubry’s child, Nahla, is in the works and it doesn’t look all that “amicable” at all.

The couple have had joint custody of the child over the past few weeks that they’ve been separated, but Aubry reportedly isn’t happy with the situation:

“It’s been pretty difficult for Gabriel to see Nahla the last few weeks … He’s really getting sick of it and it’s getting to the point where he is seriously considering his options regarding pursuing permanent custody. He refuses to give up rights to his daughter, he loves her more than anything and is determined to be a regular, full time fixture in her life.”

I have to give him mad props on this one, if it does pan out to be true. I don’t know much about the dude, other than he’s wicked, steaming hot, but if he’s clearly as willing as this “source” is making it out to be to be a stand-up father who’s intent on being a permanent presence in his daughter’s life, that’s pretty fabulous if I say so myself.

The same source also states that Halle is to embark upon a trip to South Africa for a new film project and will be away for three months. Berry is said to be taking her daughter with her for the filming, but not if Aubry has anything to say about it. Apparently, words were exchanged between the former lovers as Aubry wants to keep Nahla with him in LA while Mama’s off in South Africa filming, but Berry supposedly won’t budge. Now, Berry’s proposing that she rent a house for the three of them to occupy while she’s filming and has plans to hire her ex (and daughter’s father) as a “full-time nanny.”

You know, as sad as it sounds either way, I’m fucking glad that they’re fighting over their daughter and not menial things like money, property or investments. Whatever their intentions behind gaining a custody agreement are, I hope it’s in the best interest of that gorgeous little girl, Nahla. Divorce sucks, but sometimes the fallout thereafter is much, much worse.

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  • i hope she’s not even thinking about fucking aubry over on his parental rights.

    family court judges have an EXTREMELY sensitive ear to father’s in the right nowadays.

    she might find her tactics blowin up in her face if she’s not careful.

    be fair halle, and don’t fuck this up for your kid.


    • yay for multiple meaning words:

      menial: b : lacking interest or dignity

      i could see how its used in this post to mean fighting over things such as money and property would be menial, ie lacking dignity.

      h fail.

      • You do realize that you posted part (b) of a two-part definition, without part (a) which intimates that a servile context is necessary, right?

  • What the fuck is up with women who use their children to get back at their exes? It is beyond pathetic and very low.

  • Whatever. I’d feel more sympathetic toward him if he hadn’t already proven himself to be a douchebag for dumping Halle because of the age difference, especially since the age difference was the same when they met. She should have just used him as a sperm donor like Madonna did with her first kid.

    • Halle is just as guilty…having kids with someone you have not committed yourself to isn’t very smart.
      Too many people are having kids for selfish reasons and not realizing how much it can suck to grow up with divorced, separated or absent parents.
      The adults move on but the kids pay the price for their parents decisions.

      Visitations and going back and forth all the time sucks!

      I know i might get hell for this and I know i’m old school but i think kids deserve parents who are married and stay married.

      • Halle did commit to him, I believe. He just decided their age difference was suddenly too much for him, a.k.a. he wanted to have sex with younger women. Ain’t love grand. He got what he wanted, the alimony. Now he wants the kid so he can get the child support too.

        I don’t disagree with what you say, for normal people. But having money changes things. It is a stronger, colder motivator than love. I mentioned Madonna because she seemed to have made an arrangement with Lourdes’ dad. There was no pretense that they were in love and Lourdes seems to have a good relationship with him. Which I think is preferable to being dumped like trash and rifled through for money.

        Poor Halle. She needs to find a nice ugly man who will appreciate her.

  • as great as it is to hear a dad not wanting to only see his daughter part-time… um. that’s what splitting up DOES. it means you can’t have your children full-time if their other parent isn’t dangerous. what makes him think halle doesn’t want the same thing?

    it’s kinda irritating that he’s getting “mad props” for wanting to cut his daughter’s mother out of her life.

  • “but if he’s clearly as willing as this “source” is making it out to be to be a stand-up father who’s intent on being a permanent presence in his daughter’s life, that’s pretty fabulous if I say so myself.”

    how sad is it that he is getting mad props for just wanting to be in his daughters life. Like, WOW he really wants to fulfill the role he chose!

    if they were so intent on making a baby together they need to put the child’s interest first and just make it work.

    i hate divorce (in this case separation).

    • I agree. People are so irresponsible about marriage and children. Divorce and separation can have an enormous impact on children, and it’d be nice if people could thoughtfully consider whether their relationship is stable enough to foster a loving, unified environment for their child. I don’t care how good your parenting plan is – children want a mother and a father and they want their parents together. Obviously you can’t help divorcing after 10 yrs of marriage – it happens. But getting knocked up by your bf and breaking up a few years later cannot possibly be responsible parenting.

  • Too bad that Halle wants to disappear for 3 months. Hope Gabriel makes her pay through the nose to bring him along as a “nanny”.

    Entitled twit.

  • Ummm, here’s an idea if you are so heartbroken that you can’t see your daughter on a more regular basis, don’t split up. It enrages me to no end when people complain about not being able to see their children, yet they are the reason. Listen, I know marriage (and relationships) is/are hard, really hard, BUT shit it is supposed to be that way. It is hard to LIVE with another human & compromise & do all the shit it takes to make it work. It is my feeling that if you are so worried about your kids that you will remember what made you fall in love & have children with that person & work it out people. You may meet someone else and have the fantasy that this new person is perfect & made for you & when that fantasy ends just like the last you will realize your mistake. Shut up & take the consequences if you choose to end the relationship. RANT. OVER.

    • yeah, because staying together for the kids is such a good idea. maybe if oj simpson and nicole brown had stayed together for the kids, she wouldn’t have ended up a slimy, bloody mess outside of her own home…. or maybe she would have anyway, and it would have happened in front of the kids instead.

      stupidest comment i think i’ve ever read.

      • Uh, I think you are the stupidest person I have ever encountered. Nicole Brown Simpson an anology with a guy who chooses to leave his child’s mother to get some new ass. NOT. THE. SAME. THING. Go stick your head a toliet…mmmm, k? Nice try though.

      • wow, that is the worst argument ever and is not even relevant to the real issue of divorce and the fact that so few people stay together anymore.

        i think that might be “stupidest comment i think i’ve ever read.”

  • Please do not use words like “thereafter” this is not a sappy high school essay, it’s a bitchy gossip blog. Do not ruin that for me kthanks!

  • Alicia I’m sorry your boyfriend is a huge d-bag and you lack the pride and self respect to leave him but that’s what modern liberated women do when a relationship is not working… now get off the computer and back in the kitchen!

    • No, you’re an idiot for a supposed “modern, liberated woman.” A willingness to compromise and the ability to work through relationship problems and towards a common goal (providing a stable environment for your children) should be the priority if you have kids, and is a sign of maturity. Of course, there are serious situations where you should get out, but the majority of people don’t give their relationships enough of a shot. It’s just fucking selfish. If you aren’t mature enough to find a way to at least try to keep it together when things get tough, don’t fucking have kids.

    • Uh, yeah, I don’t have a boyfriend. I have a husband & we do not have the right to get divorced once we have kids. The implications on them are great. Kids need 2 parents. I don’t apologize for this not being the popular opinion, this method of doing life works. I do believe there are deal breakers and an AGE difference (if this is the real case) is not one of them.

    • You are probably fat & ugly & don’t even have a man, now get back to…it may take you a while.

  • Oh and bitch or bitchy beet, whatever you call your stupid self…I have plenty of self respect. I chose my husband very carefully & if he pulled this shit he’d disappear. Cowards leave their children for no good reason.

  • I applaud Gabriel for not wanting to let Halle run all over him about seeing his little daughter. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him going to S. Africa and being compensated for the time that he’s losing from his modeling career. Obviously, making sure that his daughter is safe, okay & in good hands is more important to him, than his modeling jobs! Nothing wrong with that.

    As far as the breakup, we don’t know who left who, but basically just making assumptions, based on what we are reading on the internet. We do not know these two people personally.

    At any rate, leave Gabriel alone, and let him be a part of his daughter’s life. Halle’s daddy wasn’t in her life, so I don’t think that she really knows what having a good daddy feels like. Don’t put Nahla through what you went through (not having a father around). Think about what’s best for the child!

  • seems to me she was just using this guy in the first place. she got the kid and now she just wants to screw him over. i wonder why she can’t stick to a guy?
    things that makes you go hmmmmm